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Porn Lover or Hater, You should read this!

Porn Lover or Hater, You should read this!


I know what you are thinking? Who talks about porn on a Tuesday morning? Well, we do! I was going to do a post on porn but then I stumbled on this post on the Art of Manliness (AoM) blog. They killed it (as always)! Therefore, i’ll just probe around this topic, just a little.

So, porn! A strangely fit guy and an unrealistically hot girl, screaming at 500 grunts a minute, the third party glued to the screen clearly trying to achieve something.....important. Now, it's a general misconception that porn improves sexual experiences and performance, not to talk of its signature gift of ungirded excitement as you successfully click on that glorious url and watch it load.

The lights are off, everyone is fast asleep, you grab your laptop and rub your hands together, that mischievous grin on your face in the dark, with a deliberate poke, you hit the power button on your laptop. It ignores your poke. Oh, the battery is completely out from your porn marathon the night before. You scramble off your bed blindly, tripping over some shoes thrown carelessly at the foot of your bed. You grab the charger, connect it to the wall and then your laptop. Your fingers are just about to hit the power button again........ NEPA cuts out the electric power.


How could this be happening? How?

Well, if that ever happens to you, it might be your lucky day, for every time you skip (intentionally or unintentionally) your porn serving, you are one step closer to a healthier brain, social life and sexual life. Everyone suspects, if not knows for certain, that porn is unhealthy but it's an experience that stimulates the part of the brain which is associated with addiction, so it's a little difficult to control.

Just so you know, here are a couple effects porn may have on you:

1. The 'Fiona-Shrek' effect

Adult material is intentionally crafted to excite the viewer, right? Therefore, the women seem to look much hotter than the average next door Jane. She also looks much hotter than your wife! after staring at this teeny-waisted, big breasted, Apple-buttomed porn actress (note:actress) for about 5-10 hours a week, chances are your partner will begin to look a little like shrek, complete with funnel ears! The girl on the screen, of course, is your new Fiona. This can only lead to a degradation of your relationship.  Reports also show that porn use leads to increased secrecy, less intimacy and depression!

2. Joining Grandpa in the Doctor's office

Studies show that excessive porno use eventually leads to limp situations; “down” is the new “up”, if you know what I mean. More young men are seeking erectile dysfunction medication because they find it a little more difficult to get erections. I have never been in a guy’s head but i know erectile problems are probably your worst nightmare. Bo!

3. Child porn, anyone?

Over time, porn watchers become desensitized to "mainstream" pornographic material. It's just the way it is. Several people report that they start to watch material that they find repulsive but it gets them there, anyway! Gang rapes, child porn etc. Here's why, when the brain gets hit by porn, dopamine is released. The more triple x videos seen, the more the brain becomes insensitive to dopamine, the less excitement is achieved. Of course, the watcher doesn't get as excited as he used to, so he keeps clicking and digging and wading through this porn vortex seeking for the next best thing. It turns out that next best thing progresses from guy/girl combos to orgies to rapes to gang rapes to child rape , it goes on.  It gets better…worse, blunted dopamine receptors lead to depression. It's that D-word again.

4.  "..A is for Boobs…Duh?"

Porn leads to the weakening of the prefrontal complex which is responsible for cognitive ability, executive function, personality expression and social behavior ; decision making; thoughts and action associated with internal goals. Seriously, that just means it turns a perfectly healthy person into a person who is a little less intelligent, a little more depressed, a limp "countenance" and impaired decision-making abilities! You know we don't mess with our decision-making on PGI. Nuh-un. Don't mess with your decision making, please, please! It's your key to too many things and your avenues to several levels of fulfillment.

Stopping porn all together must be as challenging as any addiction is but here's a link on the blog, AoM that helps with that!

All the best and blow NEPA a kiss for that night! 

Have you ever experienced any of these effects? The Fiona-Shrek effect especially?! Do you read the Art of manliness?

Crafted using "The Possible Pitfalls of Porn" AoM


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