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SCREAM! Cupcake frostings, Cobwebs and Courage


On my bed, flat on my tummy, typing in the dark; thinking about my fears and masterminding their demise.

About 3 months ago, in my old apartment, I ran into a spider while taking a shower. It was a peeping-Tom spider, who in my opinion was too huge for the habit. Of course, I screamed and ran out of the shower. Then spent the next 30 minutes googling methods to kill a spider who just showed up randomly in your bathroom, and also gathering my ammunition, which included a vacuum cleaner, newspapers, a long, long, long, long, lon-ng broom, my spray deodorant (this I can't explain). I tried practicing my swats at it and I bounced from side to side, looking for the best angle to hit it, but still, after a full 40 minutes, I couldn't do anything. I just stood there terrified out of my wits. Then I started to pray. Lol! Jesus is probably like "Girl, seriously?"

The spider definitely didn't move by any divine power. It just stayed there. Then I realized, there was someone else right there with me.... Fear. This had quickly become a fun, crowded showering experience.

Note: I do not like crowded showering experiences.

I then decided- I would NOT let fear rule my bathroom. This is my bathroom! This, I said to the spider. Lol! If this was recorded, I'd have like 5 million hits right now on YouTube.

After another 15 minutes, I hit it with the famous long broom and that was all. Spider, gone; fear zapped; me again all alone, just the way I like my morning rituals.

Fear; it disappears with one swat, one slap, one flick of the wrist. It's a decision, you just need to decide not to share the shower nozzle with it, just the way you'd choose that chocolate fudge buttercream frosting on your cupcake.

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