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5 Strange Things I Do in an Airbnb


Ed and I are serial road-trippers. We were on a road trip just last week and as usual we stayed over at an Airbnb apartment.

Being the moderately-adventurous and overtly skeptical traveler that I am, Airbnb and I have had a long, bumpy journey chaperoned by suspicion and distrust. I, initially wouldn't even consider staying over at one but I think at this point (after 4 successful Airbnb stays), I'm a little more comfortable in a stranger's space than I used to be. Here are 5 weird things I do unfailingly at an Airbnb:

1. Stare skeptically at the bedsheets

The first time we ever used Airbnb, we rented this really nice apartment, located downtown in a busy metropolitan city. It was a student's bachelor pad.

Problem: The sheets. They were dark colored; dark grey, almost black and that bothered me a bit. The dirt wasn't apparent and I couldn't tell if it had been used or not. As I stood there, contemplating how I'd sleep on the bed, Ed further exacerbated the situation by making a blue-light joke.  No doubt these sheets had been involved in rigorous and energy-expending activities, I could now tell by the micro-creases and what indeed might have been a smear of something. I ended up sleeping on top of Ed. I couldn't imagine sleeping directly on 'the smear'.

Tip : Bring your own sheets along.

2. Find all probable hidden camera hide-aways

I won't lie to you and claim that I'm not a little paranoid in a stranger's space. I spend a significant amount of time eyeing places likely to have cameras stashed in them; in paintings, art carvings, the TV, the lamp. It's thorough search, bureau of investigation style.

3. Tiptoe around house....fully clothed

I just always feel like the owner will be back any minute. I'm fully clothed....because, of course.......the hidden cameras, and all bathroom activities, done with the lights dim or off.

Tip: Try to relax, pop open some windows, find your favorite spot and your least favorite. Avoid the least favorite, be rooted in your favorite spot. Take a breath, there are no cameras, probably.

4. Eat jollof rice and plantain

I, unfailing, bring along on my road trips, a nice food warmer filled with jollof rice, plantain and chicken. I think I learnt this from my mum. One of those fun things I learnt from Ma. It's my instant make-me-feel-at-home drug.

Tip: Take something along that reminds you of home. Make it your own space for the duration.

5. Initiate Barricade

When it's bed time, I pull up a table or dresser across the bedroom door. Actually, I just put my luggage against the door (I'm no light traveler either) Lol. I keep thinking the owner's disgruntled ex will show up or some random person would pop into my room. Sigh. This is just ridiculous but I keep doing it. All that trouble.

Tip: Read reviews of Airbnb hosts and if dragging a cupboard across the bedroom door helps you sleep better, then do it! 

Don't mind me, Airbnbs are fun. They are much cheaper than hotels; definitely more flexible on food options; provide a chance to meet new people (or not); you get tips on getting around the city. Try it out on your next trip!

What weird things do you do during Airbnb visits? Do you drag a dresser across the front door? I can't be the only weirdly paranoid person out there!


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