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12(plus one) Marriage Turbo Buttons for 2016


Sometimes, marriage might feel like an airplane; complete with turbulence, smooth flying, being stuck in a confined space with someone who farts (*blank stare*), cruise control, altitude changes. Fun stuff, this post's focus though, is on being stuck in cruise control. If you feel like your marriage went a little passive in 2015 or before and it could do with a little "-umph" and some engine revs, you should try hitting some turbo buttons. Trust me, you won't regret any of these suggestions and if you are into New year resolutions, this works perfectly. If you aren't, of course, you don't have to wait till 2016. You can start now! Hit those turbos! 

1. The "Naked" Button

Sleep or cuddle naked more often, it causes the release of oxytocin which gets you a-bonding, even tighter than before!

2. The "Shorter fights" Button

End those fights quickly. There are just so many other things to be doing, see Button # 8! 

3. The "Deal with it" Button

Resolve deep-set issues, the types you both know but never feel like dealing with. Yup, those bad boys, they morph into problems down the line.

4. The "Nag-less" Button

Nagging kills. It does. No joke. One minute nag-nag-nag, the next, ploop on the floor. 

5. The "Turnt Up" Button

Party with bae! Dress up, go out. Celebrate each other. Studies show couples who celebrate eachother's achievements are happier! Party!

6. The "We-time" Button

Create time for challenging activities with one another. Do all the stuff you tagged eachother on IG in 2015, saying "Relationship goals" or "This could have been us."



7.  The "No plus One" Button

Also known as "the No third parties" Button. Deal with your issues yourselves, even if you need to lock yourselves up in a room and sort the issue(s). Two is better than one and trust me, two is better than three.

8. The "BURN IT DOWN" Button 😏

Burn it down, very often*. 2016, your year of steam, sparks, lights and everything torrid and heat-related. 

9. The "Better me-Better us" Button

Becoming a better version of yourself has a positive effect all around especially in your relationships. Get self-help books and media supplies. 

10. The "Flirt" Button

Flirt shamelessly publicly and privately.

11. The "Media-off" Button

Turn off the tv, toss the phones, share a bottle of your favorite beverage and giggle/chuckle/snort all night.

12. The "Game-on" Button

Play a game together (I'm algorithmically challenged, so Ed beats me at all video and phone games. Almost all games in fact, all but Basketball! Hehe! 

13. The "Thought bubble" Button

Think about bae. Studies show thinking about your romantic partner increases your energy levels! So get those thought bubbles up and running, then, you'll get more energy for #8!  

What are your improved relationship plans for 2016? Do you do these already? 



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