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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas, Everyone! I hope you are having an awesome season. 

I apologize for going MIA for a couple of days, y'all know it's completely out of character. My last two weeks have been pretty wild and full of unexpected incidents. I'll give you the gist at a later date. 

How's Christmas going? What are you up to? I spent mine with family and spent like 5 days opening a huge gift, that God unexpectedly dropped at my door! Yay, God! Way to go, papa!

How are you celebrating your season? 

Remember Christmas without Christ is just 'mas' which is pretty random. 'Merry Mas' .....makes no sense at all.

That amazing cozy feeling you get from the Christmas season, the sleigh-bell rings,the carols, the 'ho-ho-ho's, gift boxes, the cheer, the tidings, reindeer antlers, santa hats, Christmas trees sold in traffic (for Lagosians), jollof rice, snow....all that no magic at all; It's really the effect of Christ and the great love he has for us! Let's make sure this love goes round, there's more than enough for us all! 

Season's Greetings from PGI! 






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