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4 Things To Do When You Don't Have WiFi

4 Things To Do When You Don't Have WiFi


Have you ever been somewhere without WiFi and you've been forced to stare into thin air or at the springy tendrils of a stranger's nose hair? If you haven't, good for you. This is about to be the situation of my day on this wonderful, sunny Friday and I have come prepared with 4 things you and I could get around doing, during that situation that gravely threatens human survival- the moment you have no wifi!

Here are 4 things to do: 

1. Empty your e-mail box

Argh! So no WiFi, huh? Don't despair, there's always a sunny side to everything. It's time to finally open those 6,547 emails that you have ignored all this while! No Wifi means more free time to organize. [Why do I feel you don't think that's sunny?]

2. Finish that book you've been reading since the year before

We all have that one book that stares at us from our night stand or that sighs every time we take it out and instead of reading it, spend all our time on our phones. Read it! [Note to self]. I still don't know if Evie ends up with handsome, melancholy heir Robert McAndrew in Hester Browne's Vintage girl. And I haven't known since I started reading it last year. Lol. 

3. Talk about the weather

Slowly but surely, talking about the weather and every other form of necessary, unnecessary subject of small talk is slowly disappearing from our social culture, with everyone hunched,  poking and giggling at their screens. Myself, most of all. I miss talking to strangers! Ed and I spoke to a stranger recently and he turned out to be an awesome photographer. He took a "family portrait" of us on the street! Check it out on my Instagram page!

Taking a break from screen time provides opportunities to connect with real people and what's cooler than that?

4. Restore the ancient hobby of people-watching

 People-watching is really fun, as long as you don't witness a murder while watching and then have to be on the run. If you think about it, we spend a lot of time on social media "watching" other people. Well, people-watching is like Snapchat without the filters and time-constraints! Also, if you are a creative writer, you and I know that watching people is a great creative trigger.

Another sunny side to not having WiFi is that your battery lasts. *shrug* That's got to count, right?

Hey, do you have any ideas for me?  Help! Do you do any of these already?

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