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That Time I called up an Ex

As someone who has a healthy ex-life, I've had a couple of ex-related epiphanies for reasons far beyond me. Not necessarily the best kinds of epiphanies too; usually a muddle of bad ideas with good intentions. One of the less catastrophic ones though, was the time I drew up a list of people I wanted to apologize to because I had been a little insensitive at the time we ended it.

So like Adele, I started this Ex outreach program. Lol.

Now with every epiphany comes the light bulb, a smile, a raised forefinger and the general feeling that it's a good idea; it won't take you long to find out it's not. It's literally is as disruptive as going to a graveyard and digging up old decayed bones and then caressing them.....just because. One thing I can say is, exes like Adele and I are looking for trouble; calling someone after so long, looking for closure or looking to apologize for doing them wrong is just not ideal.

Back to the Exes' outreach program. I wanted to apologize because I had been naughty in the past (said that already) . The plan was to apologize via text (I know, I know, the cowardly way) and make peace. So, I started with the first name on my list, (picture me digging up bones and caressing). He apparently thought I was trying to get back with him and that i was flirting, so he proceeded to 'flirt back'....intensely. Cringe. Ever so intensely, it was disturbing.

Yeah, that definitely pulled the brakes on my apology list. Never got through the rest.

In Adele's case, she was looking more for closure, than anything else; yeah, equally a bad idea. I've never really been a fan of seeking closure from another human being. It would mean that I can't live a normal life until I have their 'OK'. Example, imagine an ex cheated, would it make any sense if you lived your life chasing after him to find out why he did it? Err...Nope. Your closure is in your head. True, you ran into a less-than-satisfactory individual. Fine. You learn your lesson, you move on, you live joyfully ever after. Finito!

Anyway, I love "Hello", I sing it in the shower, behind the wheel, I pop out from behind walls singing,"Hello, it's me" to Ed; I've seen the video about 20 times, watched about 50 covers, over 29 memes! So yeah, I love the song. I'm sure it sparked a crazy ex-calling-frenzy since October. If you are thinking about joining the frenzy, just remember; caressing bones!

Have you ever pulled an Adele? Thinking about pulling an Adele?  Any "'s me's?" Share, o please share!

Did anyone notice the guy in the video wouldn't just shut up? He kept talking and talking until he got dumped. Lol.

Note to self: He who talks too much will eventually be left in the rain


My Top 3 'Hello' Covers! (It sounds so good when guys sing it)

Hello by Ciuffi Rossi (O these amazing Italian guys! Yay, Italia!)

Hello by Taps Mugadza

My Friend, Diana's fave cover

Hello by Omawumi


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