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PGI's December Girl- Ike

PGI's December Girl- Ike

If you thought being a student was fun and you spent it in a perpetually nifty state, looking like you just stepped off a runway, every minute of the day, put your hands up! ..........Now ignoring those people. Lol, kidding.

This month our PGI girl is someone, who does make student life seem a little more glamorous than I would imagine! By contrast,  my student make-up life comprised of bad hair days, stress pimple surprises, some eyeliner (usually drawn in a hurry and all squiggly), brow pencil, a little mascara and a dab of Vaseline lip therapy. I'd eye the liner blunder, ignore the pimple, cover up with large geek glasses and burst out the door!

You see why I feel the need to honor all the girls who make the effort to look good to class or work or bed, even? A thousand salutes and loads of respect. It really is something to be admired and celebrated.

A couple of weeks back, I had the pleasure of chatting with the wonderfully stunning Ike Saliu,  she's someone whose style I greatly admire. She has a fun and brave sense of style and upholds this all while being a student!  In case you missed it, we have the same name! She's the 'Ike' that actually cares about her fashion life as a student; I wish I had her around during my bad-liner days.

She has huge dreams of becoming a TV/media director one day, a day not too far away. She talks about slaying as a student, her favorite make-up vloggers/ lifestyle bloggers and what she misses about Nigeria.


Let's meet her!

Where do you go to school?

York University, Toronto

What are you studying?  

Human Resource Management

What's your morning phone app sequence?

First, I reply messages i left hanging after falling asleep; then What’sApp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr. Pose. Then my Bible app, then Elevate and Lumosity for my regular brain exercises.

 Your student life makeup fix?

I draw my brows (they’re essential), apply foundation, set it with powder. If I am having a presentation, I’d put on eyeliner, apply blush and put on a nude lipstick but if I’m not, I'd  simply use mascara. I usually go with a natural look for school.


How long does it take you to get ready?

1 hour, 30 minutes, if i have braids on. If I have a weave, 2 hours because i have to style it. It takes me 30-45 minutes to wear my makeup.

Favorite Makeup Vlogger?

I LOVE talking about my favorite YouTube make-up artists. I watch an awful lot of them but my two favorites would be Msrosposh and Sonjdradeluxe.


Recommended makeup remover?

Biore or Global beauty care make up cleansing wipes.

 Clothes or Makeup?

I finally know what it feels like when people say they’re in love with two people. *laughs* I love and i’m crazy about both equally! That being said, if I am to pick, I’ll go with what had my heart first, since i was 6 years old; Make up


A makeup mugger is trying to steal your makeup purse, in a dark alley. He gives you a chance to take 3 items from it. What would they be?

Oh, this is a hard one, my Guess by Color Pop Lipstick, my eye liner(i feel naked without my liner) and my brow pencil, i can't go out without brows. Also this pencil can't be gotten in Canada, so respect that and step away, mugger.


Favorite nail polish color

Burgundy!! I also like purples, pinks and blues

What song describes you at 5.30AM?

Future ft Drake , Where Ya At? Tbh it describes me 24/7

Night time habits/routine?

When I get home, the first thing I do is open the pot/fridge/cupboard to search for food or snacks (this is because I am always hungry, no matter the time of the day). *Laughs* I make some tea and change into comfy clothes, wash my face (make up or no make up) , clear the bag I took out (i just love my bags being empty), turn on my laptop to either research, watch a movie or Youtube video or complete an assignment. If I'm home all day, I’ll look for food as usual, wash my face and be on my laptop .

What do you miss about Nigeria?

I miss being driven in a car! *laughs* I miss that i don’t get taxed when I shop. I miss the hawkers (i don’t know why). I miss suya, agbalumo (the best fruit ever), Christmas at home, my mom’s cooking, my parents and friends.


Favorite Blogs, Pages by Ike (I love it so much), E-online, Justjaredjnr, Blvckcosmic.tumblr. 


What are you reading these days?

School texts, ugh .

What would rather be reading?

I'd  rather be reading the books in my cupboard and Malcom Gladwell books

What are your winter study time must-haves?

Tea. A show or movie during my study break. Snacks. Chewing gum


4 Things Learnt....

1. Empty my bag/clutch when I get home (maybe I'll finally find that tub of lip color I've been looking for).

2. Wash my face every night, whether or not i put on makeup during the day

3. Learnt that Ike likes Future! ....... at 5.30am! Lol. Someone's clearly a morning person.

4. It's possible to look good as a student

Thank you so much, Ike for being PGI's December girl!!! Love you!

PGI loves to honor everyday people who inspire. The great news is, we are all capable of inspiring! 

If you would like to be a PGI feature or would like to recommend someone (male or female) who is inspiring in anyway, please contact me here, or send me a DM on Instagram . Remember to mention in less than 4 lines why you think you or this person is inspiring. Brag Away 😎


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