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5 Obvious Habits That Make Relationships Go Kaboom

5 Obvious Habits That Make Relationships Go Kaboom

In relationships, there are good "Kabooms" and there are bad "Kabooms". This post aims to point out 5 bad-kaboom triggers that could cause a relationship to go desperately wrong. They may seem trivial and the big deal may be questioned. However, the presence of these habits in a relationship implies that the relationship needs a little work, as do all relationships, that we may all attain the good kaboom (fireworks) *grin*

Bad Kaboom Triggers

1. Hanging up the phone

Someone recently asked me if it was OK for a person's significant other to make a habit of hanging up the phone in anger. 

Yes, it is...if your significant other is 12 years old.

Adult relationships require a lot more than hanging up to prove a point or to show displeasure. The last time I hung up on someone was a while back but still I'm sure Elmo was disappointed. 

Action: If you can't deal with the conversation at that moment, simply state that you are upset, would need some alone-timeand excuse yourself.

2. Cussing out (privately or publicly)

Except cussing out is a huge turn-on or a value-adding activity for a couple, it's probably best not to. Berating your significant other, in front of other people isn't cool at all. It shows a lack of respect and drops you down everyone's hangout list. "Not inviting those guys to dinner anytime soon."

Action: Get on everyone's guest list by postponing the resolution of your misunderstanding to a later time when you are both alone.

3. Talking about your problems to other people

Here's the gist and I hope you'll agree: Anyone who will not be present after the disagreement, at the "make-up make-out" session should not be involved in any step of the disagreement either. Third parties shouldn't be in your relationship's business, neither should you run to them when stuff gets weird.

Action: Talk to the only other people involved in this spat- God and your partner

4. Running to mummy every time something goes wrong

My mum also believes in the 'make-up make-out' rule. Why run to mum when mum has her own make-out schedule to keep?! Figure it out, child!

5. Not listening

This is not the same as zoning out, although they have the same results. Not listening doesn't mean you aren't present mentally during the conversation but it means you aren't reading between the lines and trying to understand what S.O is saying. Half of the things we try to say never get said. They instead come out in weird blurts and verbal squirts that convey less meaning than they actually imply.

Paying rapt attention to S.O and understanding what's being said helps the quality of a relationship a lot! I've come to notice that on the days I pay attention to what Ed is really saying, I almost always get a "I'm so good at decoding and decrypting, I should be employed by the CIA" feeling!

Action: Read between the lines.  

What are your thoughts on this topic? Are there times that it's absolutely necessary to talk to someone about relationship problems? Are there any more habits you think could make relationships go wrong?

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