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The Gist in our 237th Blog Post

The Gist in our 237th Blog Post


Hurry, what's the gist?

Pages by Ike will be One next month! Weee! One whole year! And so... we will be taking the month of September off! Not-Wee. I know.

I encourage my friends who are small-business owners to take holidays and I see them hesitate and struggle with making that decision. I never really understood the hesitation and drama; now that I have to do it, it feels like I'm leaving my child at a boarding school, in a remote wilderness with tumbleweed and desert vermin as company.

Why do we have to go on holiday? *pout*

One word. Evaluation. I'm in that step-back-and-evaluate-those-goals-girl phase of things. During my time away, one of the most important things I will be reviewing as a writer, blogger, individual, wife, friend is my vision. It's crucial to have the right vision. It's not just OK to have "a vision", but actually having "the right" vision, is the key. 

I will be stepping back and evaluating the execution of my goals in a systemic manner. I realize I sound a little intense but I have to be, to ensure the best quality of service to you and my community and my Ed! 

When will PGI be back? *breath held*

 We will be back on the first day of October.

Are you trying to stop blogging? *skeptical glance*


No, I'm not trying to stop blogging. I have come to see that I am unable to stop, in fact. Many nights I wake up at 2AM, my phone in hand and my blog app open. Suddenly I freak out like, O no! I think I've published an incomplete post with 'fghhhhhhhhhjjhh" typed in. Lol. Falling asleep while blogging is too much fun to give up. Don't you think?

Don't worry one month will swish by fast, it'll be like we never stopped...only that we did for a while and...went on holiday...but never did...but we get my point.

So, what do we do now that PGI is on holiday?  *crickets*

Catch up! If you are new, welcome! 10-posts-a-day and you'll be up to date. Fun!

Also, while we are on this short break, you could check out other blogs, yum!; ;;;;;; !

[If you write a blog, please comment below! We would love to check your space out during our holiday].

I will miss you guys severely, but we'll be back soon! Thank you for swinging by all the time; for hanging with me, over the last year, 300+ days and 200+ blog posts!

We aren't quite done yet though. The holiday doesn't start until the end of August, so keep swinging! New blog post up soon! 

It's surreal but this is our 237th blog post! Weeee! Thank you for being here and there for PGI all the way. Also please thank the Holy Spirit who helps me out like his life depends on it. He works so hard! My star-guy! Muah!

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