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Workout playlist: Pain, Itch and Etighi

Workout playlist: Pain, Itch and Etighi

Exercise hurts. If you haven't exercised in a while, it hurts AND it itches!!! This itch is popularly known as runner's itch. No one really knows for certain what causes it; histamine, lactic acid, tight gym clothes (cat-call*). I don't know what it is but i could tell you tales about it, about when I used to run outdoors; tales about dodging behind trees and in public restrooms; tales about odd looks and impromptu modifications of scratch techniques. The thing makes you want to grow wolverine-claws and scratch those thighs off. However, I bring good tidings (as always). According to Scientific American, music distracts us from pain, maybe not itching but definitely pain, so we are able to focus more on achieving our gym/outdoor goals. With a great playlist, you wouldn't even notice. Ok you will, that itch sucks. 

Another great thing about music and working out, music makes you go harder, faster and conserves your energy. Counterintuitive but you know science....they always have an explanation for everything. Apparently, music conditions the body to move in such a way that we use just the right amount of oxygen to achieve our workout goals, sometimes it even causes us to use less! To aid this process, it's actually advisable to have your movement synchronized to the beat of your music, of course not to the tee, otherwise, that would be another sport entirely. Most people have the ability to exercise to the beat of a song.  If this is true (and it is, I can prove it) and you came into my gym (about to prove it) and you looked around, this is what you'd see:

The girl who I'm sure listens to rock as she sprints, she's so energetic and  fiery. She definitely goes harder and faster. She inspires me from a distance. A long distance. Then the other girl who runs about 8 miles (not kidding), she definitely listens to raggae or something, sometimes, it's like she double steps on one leg! Then the hip hop boys with the weights. There's the guy who runs in slow-motion, I don't know what that guy listens to, some Bach maybe. Then'd see me trying desperately trying not to do Etighi on the tread mill while listening to Iyayan's Away or Yemi Alade's Johnny. It's a very diverse gym as you can tell.

Anyway, here's my work out playlist. How i endure the pain, the itch and my run-dance soundtrack.

My Playlist

Alive- Hillsong Young&Free 

At the beginning, I work with length, so I go with a fast-paced Hillsong song. These guys do an average of about 8-9 mins on one song! They are amazing. If you can break through your first 7 minutes with a Hillsong song or two, great! 

Speed of light- Owl City (it's hilarious running to the beat of this song, it's almost cartoon-like)

Hall of fameThe Script

Flares- The Script

Burn- Ellie Goulding  

Outside- Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding

Watch me - Silentó (this song gets confusing. I literally want to stop running and whip! Who feels this way too?!)

For mid-way endurance, I switch to African music. This would probably be the time you'd walk in on me; dance-running.

Away- Iyayan

Million pound girlFuse ODG (this is great for that moment when you are sure you are going to walk off the treadmill without stopping it. That "forget-this, I'm-done!" moment.

Johnny -Yemi Alade

Surulere - Dr. Sid & Don Jazzy 

[Gym trick: Put you favorite workout song in the middle of your workout playlist. Or at the end. So you work towards the "goal" of your favorite song. It works! I went from a gym 1.1 mile-r to a 2.2 mile-r!]

What's on your playlist? Do you dance-run? Do people at your gym do the Etighi? 


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