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Why Christian Music gets Boring

Honestly, sometimes i get bored with christian music but that's only because i latch on to a particular playlist and i refuse to let go until i have Ed looking at me from the corner of his eye and he's like -Seriously? (He can sing Chris Tomlin’s Love Ran Red album backwards, thanks to me).

I know the solution would be to explore new playlists but i am a creature of habit with music and nail polish. Also, if you are like me and you like to  sing along, play invincible strings at the  bridge of the song or anticipate the build up and scream your head off in your living room in a praise cry (Think "With Everything"- United), you probably stick to the songs you know. However, recently, i just discovered a playlist on Spotify called “Why Christian Indie Music Doesn’t suck (with Folk and Acoustic music too).” So, it’s very indie and very folk-y! Love it, especially now that Fall is here. Check it out if you can.

If that's not your thing, try looking for new songs, so you don't get tired of your regular songs. One of the best sources for this, better than Spotify is - you! Yes, stop looking around. You. Try singing a song to God all by yourself. I mean one you composed. Before you panic there, it's pretty easy. Think of him and what he is to you, think of all the times he saved your butt! He fights our battles, most of them we don't even know about. He doesn't care about skill and the way your voice sounds.  I've been doing this for a while now and let me tell you, if i ever appeared on a talent show with any of these songs, i'd quickly go viral as a meme but it doesn't matter one bit to God. He doesn't care that you think you sound weird. He really just wants to hear and feel your spirit worship. He doesn't care if you have a tech team and microphones. I mean Paul and Si were singing in prison and check out the response. Just sing how you feel! 

Try throwbacks too. Sing old songs from different phases of your life that remind you of how strong and relentless his love for you is. It's usually an intense experience.

Still on this singing thing, I discovered one of the coolest, dopest things about God, which my mind is still unable to comprehend- God sings to us (Zeph 3 vs 17). Pause and try and imagine that. Whenever I imagine it and his mouth opening up to utter something.... I'm thinking, what is he saying? What does his singing voice sound like? Does he have back up? Is it Reggae? Why is he singing over me?!!! Honestly, it makes me uneasy but it also makes me wonder. I love that I have a God who SINGS for ME! And something tells me that sometimes he sings a new song and sometimes he does throwbacks; sometimes Reggae and sometimes he rocks an imaginary guitar!

 Do you get bored with christian music sometimes? How do you get over it? Do you have an imaginary guitar? 


Letters to my great-granddaughter- The Assasination of Mary

Workout playlist: Pain, Itch and Etighi

Workout playlist: Pain, Itch and Etighi