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What To Do When You Know The Answer To Your Friend’s Conundrum

One of the coolest things about being you is your field of expertise. There are just some areas in life in which you excel exceedingly and dramatically; whether it’s the sector of financial planning, finding love, chasing ambition, making people feel like a million bucks, giving wise advice, excellent work ethics, tunnel vision, romance, sex, adventure, doing a back flip- whatever it is… 

Love At First Try

When I was growing up I was determined to end up with the first person I dated. My only sister married her first official boyfriend, so hey, I wasn’t trying to drift too far from that. Get it right the first time, babe. I'd tell myself.

No seconds.

So I met my first boyfriend...

4 Reasons You Should Read The Broadcast Messages Your Parents Send To You

If you ever wondered where your parents get those videos—the "Happy New Month" videos with the jazz sound track and the glittering letters, well, welcome to the club, it appears we will never know. The real mystery is who the people who create and peddle out these messages are. They sure know how to cover their tracks.

Our parents love them anyway.  In a way, it’s a little endearing to see them embrace technology and social media so readily. 

How to Receive Compliments Gracefully

Whenever I'm paid a compliment, I freeze. My mind freezes, my lips freeze for sure, and of course, I have the hugest brain freeze in the universe. I don't know why! I guess I become a little more self-conscious and aware of my abilities, which is somewhat embarrassing. I don't get it either, it makes me feel uncomfortable. Shrug. Well, good luck to moi because I'm about to push me into a lot of discomfort. I've decided to learn to accept compliments, instead of offering that weirdo-smile...