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4 Reasons You Should Read The Broadcast Messages Your Parents Send To You

If you ever wondered where your parents get those videos—the "Happy New Month" videos with the jazz sound track and the glittering letters, well, welcome to the club, it appears we will never know. The real mystery is who the people who create and peddle out these messages are. They sure know how to cover their tracks.

Our parents love them anyway.  In a way, it’s a little endearing to see them embrace technology and social media so readily. 

One Thing Every Creative, Parent, Spouse and Entrepreneur Should Know

I am my own biggest critic. I probably edit a piece of creative work more than I should and just when I'm done, I realize, Nope, I can't possibly be done, "That line just isn’t good enough", "That expression fails to communicate", I'd rumple my electronic sheet of paper and start all over. I continue to poke and cringe at it for ages even after it's published.

Everyone who has ever created or invented something-no matter how minute- has probably felt this feeling of creation-criticism on some level...