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Ten things (plus one) you didn't know about girls with certain body types

I love research! I love research not related to school and credits, let me say. So anyway, I spent some time looking into some scientific studies done on the female body types and certain characteristics associated with them. Some of these scientific findings you might know already, others, not so much. Just remember these are not my facts, blame the scientists if you have any protests. Men, let's hear your thoughts on this one (especially #11) Girls, let's love beyond the size-barrier. Here goes....

1.Skinny girls are less fussy about size

(A-hem!) Skinny girls apparently are less discriminatory about size. So basically, "I have a big penis" is not the ideal pick-up line for a skinny girl. 

[Yes, that's an actual pick-up line. I can testify! To be fair, he didn't use those exact words and it wasn't his first sentence, it was embedded into the conversation but that didn't make it less shocking. I couldn't blame him either, he really needed a selling point. He really really did]. 

Ok, back to the list.....

2.Men under stress are more attracted to "heavier" women

At the start of the study, the men were shown photos of women of varying sizes. Skinny girls were preferentially selected as more attractive. The men were then given some mentally ruffling activity and suddenly, they began to find the heavier girls more attractive! So I have no idea what's going on here....men, do you have an explanation for this? Studies also show that men in impoverished communities find bigger women more attractive too. I guess I would be an old maiden in those environs. 

 3. Men love the hips

Hold up that weight loss program! For ages, women have been trying to get rid of the fat in the hips....then Shakira sang "Hips don't lie" and we felt a little better. Studies show men love hips! Here's the snag, they love the a small waist too. So basically, the hour-glass shape. Ok, we all knew that. What we don't know is how to get the motivation for the teeny tummy. Here's a little encouragement I got during this research endeavour; women with smaller tummies have an easier time during child-birth than girls with more waist fat. If that doesn't encourage you...I don't know what will but i'll keep looking.

4. Curvier girls have bigger brains!

This, I didn't see coming. If you are scrunching your nose at number 3 and saying "I don't need a man to love my hips", here's another reason to appreciate your hips. Girls with bigger hips have a higher Omega-3 store in those hips. Omega-3; the ultimate brain food increases brain volume, aids learning and memory and protects the brain cells. Why didn't someone tell me this when I was in school.......And so begins my dedication to Omega-3 supplements. Wait, does that count?

5. Bigger girls are happier than skinny girls

Skinnier girls have loads to be grumpy about; small penises#1, being second best to stressed-out men#2, brains#4, C'mon! Bigger girls are clearly smiling to the bank. Lol! 

6.Skinnier girls make more money

Yay! Good news for us finally. No one really knows why but there it is, all science-y and proven and stuff.

7. Skinny friends make you feel fatter

Ditch those skinny friends! Another reason skinnier girls are not as happy. By being my slender self, I apparently make my bigger friends more self-conscious and probably unhappy. Please don't ditch us. In our defence, studies show that having skinny friends actually help you stick to your your diet but not without making you feel fatter first. hehehe. Show your skinny friends some love.

8. Short girls are less ambitious

I don't know what short girls were used in these study but they haven't met my sister. She would have truly skewed their results.....horribly.

9. We embrace our body types if our men accept them too

We women find it easier to love our bodies if our men accept us as we are.So no matter how independent we are, we still have the inherent need for validation from the men in our lives.  You can imagine that this has its pro's and con's. On the jolly side, it's wonderful to be accepted but lovingly nudged to the gym. On the other hand, it's also possible to be nudged to the cosmetic surgeon for a tummy tuck or bigger breasts! Dear men, loads of us struggle with self-image 


, but you can fix that. All you need to do is accept us; bass or treble.  

10. Instagram (any photo-sharing platform, really) fuels self-image insecurity

This is a given. I love instagram but really.........those squatted bums, defined abs! And the bad news is, if you thought the last few months hurt your self-image or made you feel fatter, wait until summer, 

when the coats come off and the bikinis scream A-hoy!

11. Girls with bigger hips tend to lose their virginity sooner!

I just had to add this. Please protest accordingly below!

Share with your curvy, skinny friends or men who you know would like this.











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