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Psych 1: Big cat sage

 I will write this in no particular order, touching on the fragments that make up that pivotal moment of attraction.

 The first thing I would talk about happens to be my personal favorite and I'd say it is the cornerstone upon which everything involved in reeling in a female builds on. 


 The study of mind and behavior.  

 Let me tell you the fascinating story of how old lions hunt. Genius predators. Old and spent, they no longer have all the vigor of youth but they have what young lions lack; experience, wisdom.....patience. When the old lion spots a prey, he stays out of sight, stalking the prey and sprays a swathe of his urine in a wide circle around the area where prey is peacefully grazing... And then it roars.

 If you have not heard a lion roar in real life (not on TV), it's hard to understand the event. When I first met my wife, one of our first few dates was to a zoo (she has a thing for zoos). We walked into the zoo, and after walking a few feet in I saw this guy run past us with a crazy look in his eyes, following closely behind him was a girl (his date maybe). I stopped and looked around trying to figure out what was happening. Another disbanded group hurried past us to the exit.

 For a second I was sure one of the animals had escaped. And then I heard it; it was one of the scariest things I would ever hear. I could swear it came from behind me. A roar. Deep, menacing, confident, encompassing.  I had never heard one before in real life, but I was sure without doubt it was a lion and it WAS right behind me.

 My wife-then-girlfriend who was a couple of feet ahead of me turned around, and as if on cue, we proceeded to run into each other, comically bouncing apart and continued running in opposite directions. I later had to endure mumbling an apology at the speed at which I moved, this was one of the few times I lost my cool.

 After some research, I found out the sound of a lion’s roar envelopes you and and there is almost no way to detect the direction it's coming from. And so the prey reacts instinctively in fear by running for its life. However, every time it smells the lion's pee, it turns back and runs in the opposite direction till it runs right into the waiting arms, or jaws of the lion. Dinner is served. 

Now this is the old lion. 

The young lion is what we see on Television, running, chasing, panting, exerting energy, in a bid to capture its prey. 

The old lion or the young lion; brains or brawn? Which will you be?

Rule 1

: As a businessman, never do the chasing.

Psych, to be continued… 


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