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She Blogs | Super Shero Grace (G)

She Blogs | Super Shero Grace (G)

SuperShero Grace (G)

Location: Lagos

Blog url:

Blog Genre: Fashion and Lifestyle

Grace's blog has a girl-next-door meets chic style vibe to it. She makes looking great look effortless and she makes blogging look so easy! Swing by for some chill time and some great style tips; I just learned a few new tricks on how to wear my shorts, when this snow finally melts. Also, find out how to celebrate Valentine's day as a single girl! Grace is also a personal shopper and an aspiring fashion designer. Here she is:

1. First four words of the lyrics of your current favorite song?

GG: "One month till February..." from "Falling Short" by Lapslèy

2. One experience you plan to tell your grand-kids?

GG: How I fought and survived cancer at the age of 5, not by my might but by Gods Grace...

3. Least traumatic break-up technique you'd recommend?

GG: Change phone numbers et al? Hahahaha.

4. What inspired your blog name?

GG: I had been thinking and struggling with a suitable name and Epiphany29 came to me like an 'Epiphany' get it? Lol

5. If we were all forced to be teachers on the universe. What art/skill/science/discipline would you teach?

GG: Hmmmm, since we would all be teachers, why would I have to teach other teachers, eh? I kid. I think i'd teach IT related stuff. 

6. Last movie that made you cry! (You can't say Titanic)

GG: I could be a cry baby though but let's see... last movie that made me cry... would be "You Before Me" *sniff sniff*

7. "Carbs" is a) Bae b) The Enemy

GG: "Carbs" is BAE whoop whoop

8. John Snow or Jack Bauer?

GG: You know nothing Jack Bauer... John snow anyday for me. 

9. If I promise to be your right-hand girl, name a celebrity's shoe closet you would raid?

GG: Girl, we are so raiding Klohé Kardashian's closet!!! 

10. #bighairdontcare or #shorthairdontcare

GG: Team #Bighairdontcare yo!

11.  You are having lunch with your fave T.V fictional character. What would you order?

GG: I'd order goatmeat peppersoup (straight face) and ice-cream cake for dessert.

12.  "Our _______ makes us beautiful as Nigerians."

GG: Our culture makes us beautiful

13. Avengers, the movie. You have to date someone. Who would it be?

GG: Chris Hemsworth. *swoons*

14.  If I had to, I'd totally name my car...

GG: Jesse

Thank you for hanging with us, Grace! You are the best! And that testimony fighting cancer as a child...we are grateful for the grace!  

Read Grace's How to celebrate valentine's day as a single girl.



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