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She Blogs | Super Shero Tega

She Blogs | Super Shero Tega

SuperShero Tega

Location: Dubai

Blog url:

Blog Genre: Fashion and Lifestyle

Tega's blog makes me happy. Just simply that- happy. It's helpful. It's fresh. She genuinely writes from her heart and you can tell from reading her posts- whether she's teaching how to wear loose-fitting clothes or how to edit your instagram photos like a pro or just kicking you out of a discouragement rut, this blogger slays. (Are we still using slay in 2017? Please help) 

Remember, this is a laid back, hair down, lazing in PJs kinda interview! Here she is!

A Nigerian song you’d love to karaoke to?

TE: I have a couple!

Tekno – Wash; 2face – Ole, African Queen; 9ice – Gongo Aso, Street Credibility; MI – Safe

I'm old-school. That's quality music there!

PGI: Love Gongo Aso! And Street Cred! I sang Street Cred in the shower just last week.

Your 15-year old niece is going out on a date for the first time. You can only say one word to her, what would it be?

TE: No Kissing!

PGI: Hahaha! Aunty Tega, that's two words!

What movie makes you cry all the time?

TE: The Fault in Our Stars – My favourite movie of all time. Even the book makes me cry. 

Imagine your best friend is a guy. He's getting married, he puts you in charge of his Bachelor's Eve planning. What type of party would you organize?

T.E: No strippers! We have to protect his wife's Interest, so let's give no room for temptation. But it’s definitely going to be a crazy party.

PGI: Shouldn't we have more women on Bach Eve Planning committees? Someone looking out for our interests *pensive*

“Can not blog without..."

T.E: The Internet..

The most embarrassing nickname you've ever had

None really, I’ve been lucky. I had really cute nicknames like "Sweet" because I was the sweetest baby ever, "Smilie" because I smiled all the time. Most of my friends call me "Mama", which I love also, because it gives me a sense of responsibility. I love to play mother hen, so the name suits me perfectly.

If you were a guy, what would be your signature pick-up line?

"You’re a real gift, you’d give my life a lift" I don’t know if this should be considered a pick up line but it sounds pretty good to me.

This line is from the MTN Sunshine advert, I loved it back then, still do. It stuck ever since and gives me goosebumps all the time (I actually just watched it on YouTube again for the billionth time). For a long time I hope to have a man as romantic as Jerry in my life. *laughs*

PGI: I remember that ad! "Oh Jerry...tantantatatararan MTN everywhere you go!" 


Nails are currently colored…….?

T.E : No color. I admire cute long Manicures on other girls but my nails are too soft, after a week it starts to get green. Taking the nails off is too painful, and I always end up hurting myself. If I decide to polish them directly, they start turning green in 2 days and start peeling off. The struggle is real!  So, I have my nails bare most of the time except on special occasions like my birthday. That’s the only time I actually got my nails fixed in 2016! 


Truth or Dare?

TE: It depends. If I'm playing with crazy people, I respect myself and choose "Truth".  Otherwise, "Dare"- and I make the rules before we start!

The most awesome thing about being Nigerian?

TE: Nigerians are loved. We’ve set a global standard for ourselves through our work and talent. When I tell people I am Nigerian, some people ask, "Do you know this comedian? – ooo I love him/her so much", or "I love this Nigerian music", or "I have a Nigerian friend that’s so nice to me". Then I smile and have that ‘I am proud to be Nigerian moment'.

PGI: Thanks for making us proud Nigerians with your work, Tega! 

Stop by Tega's blog today and binge-read! Have a great weekend!


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