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5 Easy Peasy Ways to Enjoy Your Flight

5 Easy Peasy Ways to Enjoy Your Flight

More than ever before, holiday-makers are choosing to take their vacation and travel during the "-ember" months, which means Autumn has totally snatched Summer's thunder! Sorry, Summer. Traveling in Autumn is a great way to save on your trips, with reduced travel fares and relatively reduced accommodation rates- one less reason to be sad about the end of Summer!

If you are back from your travels, don't feel bad and there's absolutely no reason why you should feel left out of this post; let us know if you tried any of these 5 points during your flight. Also, let us know if you have been meeting "people of interest" on your travels like I have:

5 easy peasy ways to enjoy your flight

1. Bring your own stuff (BYOS):  No matter what class you will be flying, nothing makes a trip better than personalizing your experience. Using your own stuff during a flight adds a layer of increased comfort. Items that are always a good idea are: I) Chewing gum/breath mint II) Socks III) Headphones IV) Tea, coffee, hot chocolate in a sachet V) Snack e.g cashews, gummy bears VI) Sleep gear**

2. Chat up your neighbor: You never know who you might be seating next to on a flight. I once sat next to a regional director for one of the largest Pharmaceutical Multinationals. Hello, LinkedIn bestie. The easiest way to initiate a chat with your neighbor is by showing kindness. A great way to engage your neighbor is by offering them a snack or gum. Gum/breath mints are the most important items on a journey, as you can see.

3. Plan your inflight activities: Planning your inflight activities ties everything up nicely. It ensures that you create time to walk around, which helps your blood flow; also you get to plan your rest times, work and entertainment: watch in-flight movies, solve puzzles, play two dots or whatever games you enjoy, talk to your neighbor with your new, improved minty breath. At the end, your journey feels well-rounded and productive-ish.

4. Moonwalk down the aisle: It always feels like a good idea to take the potato-couch status on board a plane and just sit all through the flight, binge-watching movies, binge-eating weird airplane food and binge-sleeping. However, being docile on a flight, no matter how short, is never a good idea. Flights lasting 8-10 hours pose the greatest risk of the formation of blot clots (aka Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)). Ensure you make as many trips down the aisle, to the rest room or just moonwalk down the aisle and stare awkwardly into people's faces... just because you can. 

5. Hug the free seats: On long haul flights when fatigue makes you anti-social, and you want to skip chatting your neighbor up and you are just content the way your breath smells, ask the flight attendants about free seats. They usually ask you to wait until take off, by which time you might be asleep anyway. If you stay up, move to your new three-seat empire! Oh and don't forget to tell them to wake you for dinner.

4 Interesting people I've met on a plane because I offered them gum

(1) a girl who apparently detests flying and wouldn't stop talking about death *side eye*; 

(2) a chef who worked on a rig and missed his family all the time;

(3) an Israeli with the clearest blue eyes who hates Tel Aviv and doesn't speak with his relatives;

(4) a man who told me the history of Nigeria for 5 hours, straight, until I started dozing, which didn't stop him. You'll be amazed the kind of information you'd be privy to with just one act of kindness!

What's your absolute must-have on a flight? Headphones and gum for me. Do you do in-flight exercises? **Do you change into pajamas on long-haul flights? Any interesting people you've met on-board a flight?

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