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The Mystery Guy in Proverbs 31

The Mystery Guy in Proverbs 31


No one knows how to lay the pressure thick like the girl in Proverbs 31. Marriage counsellors love her, men want wives like her,  parents want girls like her for their sons, girls break their backs and minds to figure out how to be like her. She truly, is phenomenal.

Men, there is a way to get a woman like her, by the way, but that's another post.  Before I write a post on getting her, I'd like to point out a prerequisite. Is it just me or has any one read the first 9 verses of Proverbs 31 and discovered the existence of the Proverbs 31 guy? There actually IS a proverbs 31 guy! Why does everyone talk about the proverbs 31 girl and never the proverbs 31 guy?

Double standards alert * straight face*

They say to us, the Proverbs 31-girl wanna-be's:

"You have to wake up before dark and feed your family!"

"You have to be hardworking!"

"Be diligent!"

"Bring your goods from afar like the merchant ships!"

"Buy land with your savings!"

'ol up, people. There is a proverbs 31 guy! Let's talk about him. No more skipping over and acting like he doesn't exist. (That girl is pretty awesome though. Super-powers, mind-bending abilities and standards etc. I can't get over her)

Well, thanks to Lemuel's mum who wrote the first verses of Pro. 31, we have some achievable standards for the men too .

No more double standards.

First things first, as a man, you should know who you are and what you are worth. Regardless of pedigree, understand that you are royalty and created in the likeness of God, the one, the only. You deserve respect, first from yourself, and from that comes the respect from others. Self-respect and honor are all the swag you'll ever need.

According to the fabulous mother of Lemuel; Men (Kings) are strong, honorable, principled.

Being principled also involves not exerting yourself by sexing some random girl (they ruin kings). Kings have Queens, fact. Otherwise, card decks would be dominated by two guys who don't have a clue. O wait, plus a joker. Three clueless guys. Also, there are no random girls in a deck of cards. Bottom line, you need a Queen, not 9 randoms a week.

Don't be addicted to drinking or need it to accomplish tasks. Drinking heavily as a habit is great....... if you are dying. Any habits that impede cognizance and decision-making are not found in the characters of strong leaders.

People depend on you, people watch you and aspire to be you. Speak up for people who have no voice, no rep, no respect from society.

Be compassionate and strong for the weak. Defend the poor, the oppressed, the stranger, the women!

And THEN you can think about getting a proverbs 31 girl.

Much Love to Mama Lemuel, much love! ❤️

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How to Comment Anonymously (PGI info)

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