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Our Turkey Pardon and Thanksgiving Menu

Our Turkey Pardon and Thanksgiving Menu

Ciao, guys. I apologize for the inconsistency in the last few weeks. I have been working on some fictional work for the blog, as requested by several readers. This was after great feedback from "The Adventures of Saudiq Amao" and "Blue Twine". Older readers also loved the "Tiide series", which I should bring back one of these days. Anyway, after a ridiculous number of drafts, I believe I may have found the one I’d like to refine and edit the heck out of. Look out for it!

Right now, I am getting ready to host our first Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night. First, we aren't having turkey, so somewhere, somehow, a turkey is walking around free as a bird, pun so intended! Prez Obama also pardoned his last two turkeys today, his last pardon as president, it was a bit sad. Anyway, we are having baked hens instead because I'm allergic to turkey. Don't ask.

 It’s going to be a Nigerian Thanksgiving; puff-puff and a lot of fried rice and jollof rice. It'll be my first time baking cornbread from scratch, I snubbed all the ready-made ones at the store. Now, I'm thinking I should have bought one, just incase things go wild. For dessert, I chose to make an Apple-Walnut cake, which I intend to serve with some vanilla ice-cream. This is also my first attempt at making desserts *crickets*. I don't have vanilla ice-cream. I have a tub of strawberry and a tub of cookies and cream. *taps chin*. This is going to be fun.

Thanksgiving Menu



Puffpuff (made by my friend, Funmi)

Goatmeat pepper soup (this bit makes my heart beat a little faster)



Baked Hens (they ousted the turkey)

Stewed Gizzards (Ed’s recipe)



Jollof rice (I’ll share this soon. Jollof hack, that will prevent your rice from burning)

Fried rice

Fried plantains




Apple-Walnut cake 


Are you hosting Thanksgiving? What would be on your menu? 

Nigerian Slangs || The Art of Giving Yourself Brain

Nigerian Slangs || The Art of Giving Yourself Brain

​"The 7-Step Plan to Get a Good Man" by Naomi Elimelech

​"The 7-Step Plan to Get a Good Man" by Naomi Elimelech