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Thanksgiving Post- Grateful for your Breasts!

model-984216_1920 (1).jpg

Some of us start wearing brassieres from the teeniest AAA cup and then as they get bigger, let's be honest, we get confused somewhere along the line and get stuck using B's and C's.

To add to our confusion, no thanks to rappers and r'n'b singers, we've also come to believe "double D's" are the ideal size for hotness. Of course, making E cups and anything above, cringe worthy, so we stuff our lovelies into D cups and tuck them and pop them and have them spill to the sides, providing little support for our twin girlies.

They deserve so much to be grateful for and appreciated, whether melons or limes. All sizes are magnificently designed by the great creator and all his works are blunder-free!

.....So if you are on your way to a thanksgiving dinner and you have no idea what to say when they start the round-the-table-tell-us-what-you-are-grateful-for turns, just say out loud and confident,' I am grateful for my G cup' and drop the mic!


Let's learn to be proud of our bust (bust is so 1920's). Let's learn to love them and care for them. One great way to do that, is to wear the appropriate size of brassieres (1920's encore). Wearing the right bra size is like wearing the right shoe size, it's more comfortable and snug; it provides adequate support for your girls, which ultimately takes the strain off your back. Also, it looks way hotter wearing the right size, a lot like the girl in the photo above. Boobs spilling on the sides, bra clasping way too high just doesn't look that steamy. If you have the opportunity, please get a free bra-fitting in a store (M&S, Soma, V's secret, Rigby and Peller). Otherwise, you can get the chance to find out your bra size later on in this post!

Still on the breast-loving methods, remember to examine your breasts this month. There are a couple of things that shouldn't be done just once a year; the top of my head, thanksgiving and breast exams. They should be habits and those are two great healthy habits to adopt. Trust me.


Never actually had a bra fitting?

Had a bra fitting and can't remember your size?

Had a bra fitting, remember your size but still in denial that you are a size H? 😏 Tuck all doubts away, get your size checked here and make someone uncomfortable at that thanksgiving dinner by being grateful for your size!

 Happy Thanksgiving!

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