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Myth Buster: The Cold Shower


This is for anyone who relies heavily on the cold shower as a means of escape from unplanned sex. It doesn't really work! Cold showers do not cool scorching pipes! I repeat, do not! Apparently, cold showers boosts testosterone, which increases the steam in the pipes which leads to you doing stuff that would completely perplex your mum, her head bending to the side, almost falling off her neck....those angles.....That was too much. My chill is below average today.

Mum: What..tha...45°, 110°, 230°....yup, something just broke

Mum: What..tha...45°, 110°, 230°....yup, something just broke

You may have heard this cold-shower-testosterone gist before, but it was completely new to me.  I had always thought I'd be able to tell my son to take a shower whenever he felt the overwhelming need to have sex. "Take a cold shower my love, and watch all the kongi wash down the drain." Well, Update your info, grandma.  You'd be setting yourself up to be just that, a grandma!

Testosterone is a hormone produced in the adrenal glands (the glands are a pair that sit on each kidney, double whammy!). Testosterone increases muscle mass and strength, and is responsible for the development of the male genitals, growth of hair, voice changes in adolescents. It also is responsible for the libido and sperm production and just as a reminder is not stifled by a cold shower. Just saying. Taking the shower, literarily is like being transformed into the hulk, veins popping, muscles bulking, hair tufting, stuff throbbing. It basically amplifies all the things you were feeling before you stepped under the water. Yup, setting you up for a real shower; a baby shower! Congrats in advance!

I wonder who started spreading this shower fable and why it's so popular. I guess it must have worked in the past for some people; you know how if you believe in something, chances are it will occur in accordance to your faith and everything. However, now you know, i have successfully put a dent in your faith in the cold shower. Lol. Our cold-shower-plan-B is now non-existent! Doesn't it feel great not to have a plan B, makes you have to really really work not to put yourself in a position that requires you needing a cold shower.  

Anyway, do you know any cold shower substitutes that I can tell my son if he ever needs it? I'd really hate to be that bird above. Does the cold shower work for you? When was the last time someone told you to take a cold shower? Share your knowledge. This is that kind of post that no one ever wants to comment on. Lol. C'mon, prove me wrong. Remember, you can be totally anonymous if you want.


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