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11 Spoilers for my 15 year-old Self

11 Spoilers for my 15 year-old Self

If I could meet my 15 year-old self, she would be in for a world of surprises, if only she knew. Of course, the ideal thing would be to give her good advise and have her make good decisions early on- and what better way to nudge her straight, than by feeding her life-spoilers, even though they would probably reduce the fun of her experiences by over 200%, hehe). Here are 11 spoilers I'd tell her:


On her identity crisis:

No, you will not be wed to Curtis Jackson also known as 50 cent (rme)

On her love interest at the time:

*Clears throat*, I don't see this guy in our future, not even remotely; like I don't even think you are friends with him on Facebook!

On her future ambitions:

What's a Facebook, you ask? Well....this is going to be good. Grab a pen. We are about to be very....very rich. While the world is still recovering from the "Y2K" supposed- apocalypse, buy a one-way ticket to California, there's this place called Silicon Valley............

On her opinion about mum not understanding her:

Summary: You and mum become best friends and then you literally start acting like her.

On her blind dedication to Arsenal FC:

*Static* Sigh. I would say give up but don't.

On her love for mono-sleeve blouses:

You didn't really think tops with just one full sleeve would stay, did you?

On her relationship with God:

You guys are like best buds and you begin to discover how much you both have in common

The Spoiler about the One:

His name starts with a consonant and a vowel! *insert everlasting mischievous laugh*

On sex:

Everything they say about it is true. It's thoroughly primordial and not cute, don't get hung up on trying to have it till you really should, with the right person.

On writing as a hobby:

Please don't shred and burn our diaries. Please....but I know you will, anyway. I know you don't want anyone knowing what goes on in your head but we write a blog, so there. Get over yourself.

On Self-respect and respect from others:

Respect from others is over-rated. The only respect you need is from us, me and you. Make decisions that make your future self (yours truly) proud of you and I'll ensure I make you proud too ♥️ 


What spoilers would you tell your 15 year-old self?

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