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Travel light: Your Relaxed (Glam) Weekend-Away

Travel light: Your Relaxed (Glam) Weekend-Away

At first.....

At first.....

Conversation with myself as I stand in my closet.

Me: Do you really need a lint roller on a weekend trip?

Me: Yup. Even though, I'm taking zero dark colored clothes.

Me: How many bottles of perfume do you need?

Me: Two

Me(gives me the look)

Me: OK, one.

Me: What else do we need?

Me: Lotion, shoes and bags- for every occasion and there may be 4 or 5 occasions, 2 cameras, a towel and 2 changes of clothes per day and also two changes of pajamas.

Me: It’s just two nights.

Me: *blank look* So?

I don't travel light. It's just not something I do. If you travel light, I'd like to praise your skills of prioritizing and decisiveness-please, be very proud! I'm currently trying to join the club. I've been slowly moving over to the minimalist camp, ever since I married Ed, who is chronically allergic to people bending over at airports, to rearrange their overweight luggage! Lol!

I've embraced minimalism all around- less furniture, less junk in my bag (Yeah, right), less stuff on my desk and in my drawer, less keys and cards on my key-holder, less carbs on my plate (carbs-control), fewer shoes but MORE bags *grin* Can't go minimalist there, sorry. I'm a bag hoarder.

Minimalism is really refreshing. It reduces clutter, provides more space, better time management because I don't spend ages looking for my keys in a near-stark living area and I don't spend the end of ages looking for the right key on my bunch. It also helps you relax and think clearly. When traveling, it helps to have the exact items needed for the trip, no knick-knacks. It makes you feel more organized and less worked-up. A study actually shows that, having too many options for one event may lead to depression.

I'm definitely learning to travel light with the least minimum number of functional items possible. God help me.

I decided to make a weekend-away travel items list, so that I don't have to have this conversation with myself every time I have to go on a trip, convincing myself to take just one bottle of perfume.

Downsized a little... 

Downsized a little... 

Relaxed Weekend Away (with no chance of glam)

✔️Comfy shoes


✔️1 sling bag (how generous of me *pout*)


✔️A pair of PJs

✔️Head scarf (if needed)




✔️Mini mouthwash

✔️Mini Floss

✔️1 bottle of Perfume/body splash 

✔️Day face cream/ Night cream

✔️Nail hardener (brightens manicure/doubles as plaster/band-aid)


✔️Hand towel**

✔️3 changes of underwear (plus 1, just because)

✔️2 bottoms (including a pair of shorts)

✔️2 tops (including a tank)

✔️1 dress


✔️Phone charger





✔️1 book

✔️1 magazine

Personalize your experience

✔️Your favorite snack

✔️5 individual packets of your favorite beverage (mine is mint or berry infusion tea) 😍

✔️3 capsules of your Multivitamins  

Relaxed Weekend-Away (with a chance of GLAM) add-on items

✔️Cocktail ring


✔️Heels (this kills the "relax" factor, for sure)

✔️Clutch purse

Are you a light traveler? Please share your secret! Are you are heavy traveler? When last did you have to open you luggage and rearrange at the airport? Lol! What items can't you live and leave without? Are you taking your vitamins? (in mum's voice)

** I like to travel with my own towel but a bath towel is frowned upon by light-travelers, so a smaller hand-towel will have to do. Sniff. 

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