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3 Amazing Benefits of Traveling with a Child

3 Amazing Benefits of Traveling with a Child

I once traveled with my then-3-year-old nephew and his parents and it was so much fun! Well, other than the time he wanted to see the pilot, visit the flight attendant station, run down the aisle and remove his clothing for no reason. Yes, other than those, it was a riot. I also traveled with a set of triplets once-my nephew and nieces and i couldn't believe how comfortable everyone made us feel. Do you get any preferential treatment when you travel with kids? How do you deal with traveling with your kids? Do you find it stressful? Any travel hack tips to share? Here are 3 benefits of traveling with a child from my experience:

Skip that oh-so-grey airline meal

Did you know toddlers could have their own homemade food on a flight? So not fair, while we get stuck eating those plastic chickens and weird brown rice.  Anyway, we had made him some noodles to take on the trip but he didn't want it, he wanted cereal instead and all the juice the flight attendants could produce. So we ate his juicy, spicy noodles instead of the plastic chickens. Noodles on the plane is the best.


Those eager helpers

People love to help families with children. All you need to do is look distressed and borrow someone's child like I did and help starts flooding in! Even at security, there's usually at least one person mesmerized by the child , cooing and gooing!

Get seated first

People with kids get seated first right after priority. If you fly first or business, then you probably don't care but if you don't, welcome to the land of endless hand luggage storage opportunities!  We know your luggage is already over weight, so take advantage!

Any experiences? Share, share!

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