If you haven't come to know Jesus. You can! Right here, right now. Knowing Him on a personal level floods you with an inexpressible joy. He loves you, he came all the way from heaven to die for you and to set an example on earth. He is definitely up for being your friend. He wants the best for you and to be honest he offers a pretty good deal; freedom, love, forgiveness for whatever we have done, wealth, a better quality of life, heaven, God, perfect health! He mends hearts and has tons of promises to lead you to your destiny which involves entering his rest and chilling in an angel-made mansion on the bank of some awesome sparkly river in heaven.  He's always there; sovereign and loving. If you'd like to be his friend and invite him to be the Lord and director of your life, i would encourage you to speak out your belief. Please understand that this is a prayer of belief in the Son of the Most High God. So if you want to give your life and path to Christ please read this out to Him:


Dear Jesus, 

I believe you are the son of God and you came to earth to die for me. Thanks for dying for me. I come to you today, acknowledging that I am a sinner. I want you to come into my life and direct my path. Let's be friends and let's paint the world red! 

Yay! So, welcome into the family of God! Believe it or not heavenly champagne just got popped for you celebrating your new decision.

What next?

Get a bible! Read it! Imitate Christ!

Remember to find a bible-believing church close to you and meet the awesome people there!