My name is Ike. I am a writer. I drink way too much herbal tea and believe in the power of kindness, love and a good book.

I blog about Relationships, God and Style!

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Pages by Ike is a safe space that fosters learning and growth in unison through un-sober reflections! No pretension. No judgement.

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About me

I love the color red and choose my sport teams based on the color -----red

I love coffee shops but I DO NOT drink coffee----- ever.....

This is my favorite jacket. 

Seriously, this jacket... 

I do silly.....

.....at least six times a day....

...even in my jacket....(I was poised for silly in this picture)

I love to read

I read my blog more than the average blogger reads theirs...(more for self-critisism than narcissism)

I read the Love, Flicker, Burn posts (aka the Tiide posts) like everyone else and exclaim like everyone else and I ask "Why won't this feistyfiona just put it all up at once?!...like everyone else.

I recently became able to pet dog's of strangers...was completely incapable before...

 I am very brave.........

 ...but I also like to observe from a safe distance lol

I smile at strangers and sometimes, they smile back

I have an imaginary cava-poo named 


. He's Italian.

*imaginary image*

I love food!

Restaurants make my ideal backdrop.....

..............the sea too

I can't dance to save my life. I'd have to be pardoned for whatever offence...

My kitchen never runs out of Olive oil...

............and fruit

I have been in love for over eight years. This is the reason why I giggle to myself sporadically in public.

I love Jesus Christ. He makes me new and shiny, everyday.

Now you know me a little more...I would like to know my readers too! Write something absolutely random about yourself below (Yes, even I do know you personally!)

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