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Out with the aged skivvies!

My friend recently got married, moved into an amazing apartment- wooden floors, with an incredible stream of natural light and a light cinnamon fragrance in the air.

Beyond the perfection and the chirping birds, beyond the pine wood floors and the dessert-tinged ambiance of her home, carefully tucked away, deep in her luggage was her beat-up "panties of condemnation." You know, the "drawers of doom", "the deformed briefs beyond reform",

you know those 5-year old COMFORTABLE, threadbare, tired pair of cotton briefs with amazing coverage but a less flattering view. There it was... stashed in her luggage. 

So she sneaks this panties into her new home and is in stark denial about its state. Trust me, it's a wreck. Lol. She doesn't wear it too often, being a new bride and all. But on those days when she couldn't be bothered, she throws 'em on.

Her husband, of course, would want nothing more than to see it burn. He tried several times to "make them go away" but she'd always notice, as you would if someone tried to take away your fav underwear.

The plot thickens. She then discovers her husband has a pair of boxers just as ancient. Faded and stressed are the best ways to define them. She adds to her denial, justification; he had one, she had one, end of story. 

Eventually, they both realize how much they can't stand each other's contraband. The couple agree to let go and have a toss-out day when they throw out their ancient loin cloths. Miserable and in denial, they are still yet to set a date for the toss-out. 

To encourage "Toss-out day", my suggestion was for them to go underwear shopping!  

Shopping is always a good idea, though she still looked longingly at her dear underwear. I encouraged her saying, at least she would have brand new ones which she would start to enjoy once they were broken-in and get holes. Her husband also gets to enjoy the new underwear benefits. He also gets to go underwear shopping which for men is uneventful and probably involves the sofa, a PC and Amazon. For us girls, a little more preparation is required. I recently went on a toss-out shopping trip myself. Here's a couple of stuff to keep in mind while planning the trip:

First, start your work-out routine like two months before (if you aren't a regular). Works your abs, arms, some lunges and squats too. It's only right that you are pleased with yourself in the dressing room mirror. 

Second, that wax we talked about.

Third, ask the attendant for help. Some of them really know what they are talking about.

Get a mix of styles; some comfy boy-shorts, frilly stuff (not to be worn under body-con dresses), some lace Brazilian cuts, some no VPL briefs (no visible pant lines) to prevent pant lines, some thongs (if those works for you), some groin-strings...... also known as g-strings. Lol. Groin-strings (who knew that was the full name?! Not so sexy anymore, aye?)

Get a few matching sets; different colors. Polka dots. Print. Stripe. Leather (if that's your thing).

Lastly, ensure the crotch area is cotton as recommended by physicians. Hopefully, "out with the old skivvies, in with the new underthings" works for my friend. 

Have you been successful in getting rid of your adored intimates? Give my friend a tip below...

Weird facts about underwear....

1. In the Edwardian/Victorian age, women wore crotchless underwear. It was considered improper to wear anything that covered the crotch. (This really took Downton Abbey to another level for me. I'll never be able to look at Granny Grantham the same)

2. It's hygienic to have a cotton crotch on your panties (whether you are into silk or leather, make sure it has a cotton crotch lining....unseen stuff go on down there)

3. The average underwear lifespan for a woman is 7 years; a man, 8 years

4. Your underwear determines your mood which brings us to #5

5. Women who wear g-strings are apparently more confident


Have a great weekend! x

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