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Ten things (plus one) you didn't know About Men!!!!

A couple of weeks back, I wrote  a post about ten things (plus one) to know about girls with different body types (read here). Who knew skinny girls were less fussy about size. Hehe. 
Today, it's the guys' turn! Men, these are just pure scientific fun findings, let those guards down. You may even love science just a little bit more after this. Girls, prepare to be shocked by #1(if you didn't already know) and #3. Everyone should read this list........you know, just in case you get dumped because of #9 or #3 is your reality.
Here goes......

1.Men with big bellies last longer!

Girls, Yes indeed. Think about all the men you turned down because they bore no resemblance to Idris Elba or Adam Levine or the Hemsworth brothers. Haha. The bellies scorn thee.
Men with big bellies have a higher level of a hormone known as estradiol, which helps them last longer than their ripped compadres.

2.Short men (shorter than 5"7) tend to have stable marriages

Way to go, Short men!!! They also have a lower chance of getting cancer. However, they tend to do less house chores. Tut-tut-tut, short men, just when you were becoming our favorite.

3. The average age of his boxers is eight years!

Lol! Eight years. That's like two presidential terms!!! Men, if you have underwear from the time  Blair, Bush, Chirac, Obasanjo were in power....do the needful.

4. Men who prefer big bums tend to be business majors

....And so it's no longer a mystery what those  business-major guys are doodling on their notes during Accounting class. Men who like big bums (and they can not lie) are also seen to be organized and tidy. They are dependent in their relationships.....

5. .....While men who prefer smaller bums are great project executioners

This men see their projects through. Good job, men who prefer smaller bums! They do not to seek public approval and are less fanatical about sports. 

Men with mustaches are more likely to be hired 

Studies show that men with mustaches tend to be more reliable.  Employers therefore, hire them 8.2% more than their beardy mates and 4.3% more than their clean shaven pals. 
Tell that to Frank Donga

7. Men with beards are perceived to be the epitome of masculinity.

Little wonder that men who struggled with growing a beard since the beginning of the NO SHAVE November rave, have opted for beard transplants!
I didn't even know that was a thing.
Bearded men are associated with power, leadership, maturity and women see them as better providers. In fact, a study shows that women tend to associate beards with the ability to provide for them during pregnancy [Women sure think light years ahead].

How to get the girl? Wear a pink shirt!

Men who are comfortable wearing pink happen to be better educated, make more money and get the girls' attention! Who knew? So to really get the girl, grow a huge beard, grow a belly and wear a pink shirt. And throw out old underwear. Please. 

9. Poor men like bigger breasts

Studies suggest they may be trying to compensate for any "resource insecurity" they might have. I think I'll let the scientists have the final words here. Oh, yeah they also love sports.

Men who wear briefs might be stuck in their childhood
Briefs. Superheroes. Superman. Ninja Turtles. Don't. Why? Tight. Heat. Daddy-pants. Wear boxer briefs instead. It's close enough. 

11. Men who prefer small breasts tend to be Engineers! 

This study showed that men who preferred smaller frontal lady-lumps were nuturant in their relationships and indefinite about their careers paths.
They also happen to be mainly engineers.  

Gotta love Science......

Share with someone who you are certain would laugh first and then protest to these findings an hour later.

Have a great weekend! x








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