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That time I went on a Pre-Conjugal hunt.......

In the months before I got married, I went on a hunt.

It was called "the-marriage-advice-collation-from-random-people-because-marriage-manuals-are-just-darn-too-long" hunt. We didn't get an opportunity for pre-marriage counseling, therefore, we had to learn on the fly. 

So the key word being random, I would ask people for marriage advice; strangers, friends, acquaintances, the elderly, the young, on the streets, plane, in conferences, on road trips; married, unmarried, never to be married (their words, not mine). 

It was fun and it's amazing the wisdom that spews forth when people aren't expecting to be asked for advice! There were also some that were a bit creepy. Those I met with a side-glance and a "thank you" and won't be included in this post. Lol. Here are the top ten! Enjoy! 




Don't be that couple who stays home all day, peaking from behind the curtains at the cool neighbors!"

That Dutch guy (not married)

                                                                                                 West London, London


"Take your time with kids‎, they will come. In the while, please have fun!"

                                                               The  super-model with the endless legs (m.2011)                                                                                              

                     West London, London


"Be kind to one another and have lots of sex!"

The Yoruba lady (m. Since 1958)

                                                                                                     Ibadan, Nigeria


"Enjoy the good times but learn to enjoy the "not-so-good times."

That Spanish guy (not married)

                                                                                                     West London, London‎



"Take time to cool off before you retort. Actually, scrap that, Don't retort."

                                                   The Italian lady (m.2009)                                                                                      Rome, Italy


"Give each other space to be individuals."

The Indian guy (not married)

                                                                                                          Holland Park, London


"Don't pass on angry sex!"

                                                         The hot Lebanese girl(m. 2012)

                                                                                                      West London, London


"Feed him"

   "Listen to what he says during the fights"

The Nigerian guy (m. 2011)

                                                                                                       North London, UK



"Don't be too serious. Laugh at each other."

The Greek/Irish Couple (m. Since 1964)

                                                                                           Boston, MA Logan Airport


"I had never cooked before I got married, I never had to. I remember the day I made my husband meatloaf for dinner. He ate it all; everything on his plate. Right after dinner, he says to me 'Mary, I love you but don't ever make that again'. From then on, he made the meatloaves. Wise, constructive criticism, develop that."


    The Bostonian lady

                                                      Boeing, 747-400, somewhere over the                                                                                                                                          Atlantic


Thank you to everyone who gave me marriage advice. I pray you have the most blissful lives and marriages! Amen.

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