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Ten things to do before the end of April!

April (my favorite month, for not too obvious reasons) is almost gone! Now making every second count. To that end, here's Ten things to do before the end of April. 

Have great a weekend! x

1. Watch Fast and Furious 7, if you are a little broke like me, watch the


then we can discuss how the Rock broke his Plaster of Paris caste with his biceps at 2.05


Look over your goals and new year resolutions and evaluate. How's that diet going? Gym attendance dwindling yet? Aye! I've been in the gym more through other people's Instagram posts than physically this year. Get on the treadmill! Summer is upon us and the makings of a beach bod starts now (actually starts in February but hey....)  


Get that wax! (this includes the men too) If you have no idea what I'm talking about click


4. Draw a map of your country and label all states. If you can't, be comforted, my first attempt was ridiculous too  (I'll have mastered it by Sunday though)

5. Stop asking yourself what to eat tonight! Use the "roll the dice" tab on 



6. On the 30th of April, tell someone how your really feel about them or their hair or their breath. It's honesty day!!! Comes only once a year , best capitalize!

7. Spring clean! It's time to thoroughly clean your living space and your mind too. Assess your relationships. Forgive those you need to and make it a habit to be grateful and cheerful.       


Discover a talent you have! This requires alone time and trying new things. Try something new every week (food, movie/music genre, follow someone new on IG even!)

9. Pray for SA, the Middle East, Ukraine, Kenya, Nigeria, African Americans. The month of May had better have better news

10. Number ten! Drumroll!!!! Subscribe to Pagesbyike!!!

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