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Letters to my greatgrand daughter: The Rolex effect

Dear Charly,

Someone once said, "


is so much more important than


. Many are going nowhere, fast."

Instant coffee. Fast food. Attention spans of eight seconds. ATMs. Quickies. These are features of the world I currently live in.

Nevertheless,  amidst this deep-seated dependency on speed and the power of instancy,

Rolex Société Anonyme

takes out

one year

to make

one Rolex watch

. (Pause and take that in). 

One watch. 

Twelve months.

Two hundred and fifty working days of piecing together each element, to make a time piece so perfect and flawless.

A baby born at the same time the very first piece of a Rolex is assembled, could very well be weaned and walking by the time the Rolex is to be on the market. It's not a mass production effort as you can see and it g

oes without saying that you’d value a Rolex over a Casio (no offence, Casio). This is simply because Rolex watches have a reputation for excellence, finesse, precision and quality....which you can see wasn't produced based on the instancy factor.

Take a cue from Rolex and resist the instancy factor, Charly. Soak yourself in self improvement exercises and don't jump on the market until you are fit for all weather. Get off the haste wagon and breathe.  Take your time (but not forever) with everything; decisions, relationships, marriage, chewing 


With relationships, no rush there, I must tell you. If you are reading this in between relationships, no better time to invest in yourself! Become a better version of yourself before you meet the next guy (or the first guy). 

If you already are in one, well, read it anyway and learn on the job. I am still learning on the job too! You’ll come to learn, as I have, that life is a giant sack of continuous self-improvement exercises, till the day the fat lady sings. The great thing is, you determine if she sings




I chose adagio.

So, in this fast world I live in, I have learnt to take my sweet time. I stop and breathe while others are moving. I brew my coffee and my tea (sometimes). I chew like a snail (that you could do a little faster). I listen a little longer, my gaze lingers by a second. Quickies....hmmn. Let's just say, "brew" there as well. 

Don't let the crowd drag you along in its frazzled haste. Rest. Watch. Laugh. Listen. Most importantly, work on your character. Become the best version of yourself. It might not take a year like a Rolex or it might. Either way, it makes you a better person and from that emanates the Rolex-effect; the natural aura of luxury and perfection.


Greatgran x

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