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The bartender series: The Rouse of the Dance

I have hung up my proverbial “boot”.

And I say this emphatically as some folks are still in doubt. To be honest I sometimes long for the old days when I was the absolute bachelor, but on the flip-side, I love-love my new domesticated life. Ok, it is not so domesticated. I hit the night scene with my smoking hot wife often enough. We still manage to swing the dancefloor in dizzying circles, have a wild night and spends days recovering (weekdays inclusive).

Back in the days before I got all loved up, I was quite the businessman; I don’t like to use the word player, because I’d like to think what I did was actually serious business and not just games. I had two buddies with whom I would sit for hours and strategize, plotting how to go about executing our plans. Plans on “how to get the girl”. Some of our plots worked like clockwork, and some did not, but most importantly, we learnt.

What I would like to do here is share my wealth of experience and derived knowledge with fellow “businessmen”. There are a lot of single guys out there in the business, and sometimes they might goof at the whole affair of closing a deal, or as I like to say “doing the dance”.

The dance:

that elaborate and exquisitely beautiful process that goes on from the moment a guy sets his eyes on an object of his desire, all played out (as though in slow mo) to the sound of Pachelbel’s Canon in D. From the sighting, to the watch, 1st contact, the waltz, and from there on, whatever twist things take, the music swells, the steps tap to a faster tempo. Through it all one thing is certain, there is always a climax; it either implodes, explodes, rockets out to space, or sputters out like a burnt out fire cracker. Nothing remains the same after the dance.

Most guys I know do the dance for the Kandahar (\ˈkən-də-ˌhär\), the delicious cookie in the jar. They live and breathe it. For them the dance is all about getting into the cookie jar and nothing else. But in my opinion that gets old, gets messy, and on several occasions, you get some “takeaway” from it. I on the other hand, did the dance for the sport, the sheer thrill of the chase, the euphoria and the adrenaline pumping through my body, knowing and not knowing how things would play out, but knowing that when I win, my ownership is complete.

But this series is not about the Kandahar, or how to get Kandahar. If that is what you are looking out for here, I can't help you {plus, the thing about Kandahar is; it is easy, like everything in our generation is}. This is about reawakening the long forgotten art of courting a lady and engaging her in the dance. I would take you on a path that explores the very essence of the female mind and try to understand how to get inside it by very basic techniques that has worked for me time and again.


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