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Amusing Conversation With My Nephew (Wait for it!)

Amusing Conversation With My Nephew (Wait for it!)

My nephew, Dabi (who is 7 years-old today), is on holiday, and is staying with Ed and I for about 2 weeks. This was a conversation that transpired yesterday, after I served him his hot bowl of Basmati rice, plantain, tomato stew and chicken strips. He was waiting for it to cool down.


Dabi: If Ruel* and I are here together, where will he sleep?

Me: If Ruel was here, I'd pack my bags and go to Bahamas because you guys won't let me rest and you'll be running around and stomping on the floor even if I tell you not to

Dabi: Haha! Who will cook for us?

Me: I don't know. I'll be in Bahamas

Dabi: We will cook by ourselves

Me: That's probably illegal

Dabi: What's illegal?

Me: Cooking by yourselves is probably a crime. The police will get you!

Dabi: *Gasps* We will hide!

Me: The K9 will find you

Dabi: What's a K9?

Me: A police dog

Dabi: Doggie! It will sniff me out!

Me: Yes, indeed and I'll be on the beach in Bahamas!

Dabi: I will run away and run to the airport, get on a plane and give the attendant my ticket

Me: Well, the K9 will give the flight attendant his ticket too and follow you on the plane. He'll seat next to you and read a newspaper. Then mid-flight he will look at you suddenly! And keep looking at you till you land!

Dabi: (squeal-laughs) No!!! I will use my parachute and land in Bahamas

Me: No way! I'll move to Grenada!

Dabi: I'll swim after you!

Me: Wait, so you won't take Ruel along?

Dabi: Oh yes, I'll use Ruel as a raft and paddle to meet you

Me: *must have fallen over my seat laughing* That's just mean

Dabi: Ruel will have his turn too.

Me: Alright! Fair enough

Happy birthday, Dabi! 

*Ruel is my other nephew and is Dabi's cousin and best friend.

Do you know any children? Don't they say the most ridiculous things? Lol!  

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