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Slim Shade Thrown

Slim Shade Thrown

Conversation with ~60 year old lady at a bar before going to see the Celtics play last week.

Ed and I enter a bar, say hi and sit on the stools next to this nice lady. We talked about everything; from children to skype to day jobs to accents to designer purses. She had me at purses, we would be life-time friends, or so I thought…

Ed and I order fish and chips.

Lady:(she’s tickled) Fish and chips here in Boston. Did either of you live in Britain?


Me: I did. For school


Lady: They serve them in newspapers there

Me:(now looking down at the plated meal in front of me as inauthentic and too hygienic) Yes! You’re right.

Lady: I remember when I was in my 20’s, in London. We would go dancing and drinking and by 3am, we would be so hungry! We would stop over for some fried chicken or fish and chips on the way home. I was still so thin! Like a broom.

Me: smiling ruefully Bodies stop being predictable after your 20’s

Lady: pensive You’re right. Right you are.

We both get lost in reverie.

Lady :(recovers first)Don’t worry. Your time will come (sips drink)

Whao, lady! What did I ever do to her? Lol. I wasn’t ready for that one. We were speaking generally and then homegirl hones in on me. She said it with a straight face too. She wasn’t playing. 

I didn’t even have a wittily crafted comeback! Knock out. No recovery. Carried out on a stretcher. 

Still, I think she was an angel. An angel who enjoys its glass of pinot but nonetheless an angel. Since I started the new year, I’ve been having weight threats, like my new love for caramel lattes, and smoothies made with half full cream yoghurt and milk, and Asher’s yoghurt and snacks(o yes!), not to mention Ed’s signature apple crisp, slightly warm and served with Edy’s slow churned vanilla ice cream.

I also saw this meme last week. Lol!

Read caption! Photo @kikifoodies Instagram

Read caption! Photo @kikifoodies Instagram

The universe is warning me. 

I must heed the voices that speak truth and continue my workout religiously, and also work on my witty comebacks and invent fat-free caramel. Fat-free caramel exists, I just checked. Why would anyone invent that? Cringe.

I couldn’t find a quick comeback for her. What should I have said???

Has anyone thrown some fine shade your way this new year? 

Blogged while drinking a spinach-strawberry-banana  smoothie

 P.s Remember when this man and I had a wager about snapping back after pregnancy!

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