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Talking Donkeys

Talking Donkeys

Balaam and his donkey are the stars of one of the most alarming stories in the bible. God is patient. Oh my! Like, he is repeat-myself-to-you-a-million-times kinda patient. The kind of God, in my experience who will repeat himself to you until you act. 5 bucks says He had spoken to Balaam in many ways and sent many other people to tell him the very same message- his mum, his mother-in-law, his granny, his neighbor’s granny, but Balaam wouldn’t listen. At wits end, his donkey speaks too! Donkey had had it. Everyone is telling you the same thing, Balaam. Get it together, bro.

Me, as Balaam

God has been talking to me about something. Two things in fact. The very same things, I’ve heard them at least from 8 people over the last 3 weeks. That’s alot. Of course, every time I hear it I break into an eerie knowing smile which creeps the person out and that pleases me somewhat. More importantly, for whatever reason, I’d hear the instruction, grunt my religious good-word-good-word Christian grunt and nod my Christian nod in agreement with the messenger and then do nothing! Lol. Not funny at all. 

This is definitely the same way Balaam started—Instruction, grunt, glory hallelujah, good word, disobey. Instruction, grunt, amen, tongues, disobey, the cycle continues.

God keeps sending messengers. That’s who he is. He really wants you to get it.

The key is to obey before animals start speaking to you. Donkeys. Dogs. Pigeons. Cats. *Shivers* Of all the animals though, a cat would be the creepiest.

I have cats in my building. Blink.

I best obey.

 Anything He has been telling you to do? 

Jurisdiction to Love

Jurisdiction to Love