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34 Questions Every Nigerian Ex-Primary School Student Should Ask

34 Questions Every Nigerian Ex-Primary School Student Should Ask

It was children's day last weekend! I don't know about you, but it brought back memories for me; childhood memories! Parties, puffy pigtails, amusement parks, Fanta, and of course, school! I wouldn't trade my memories of attending a Nigerian primary school for the world. It was so much fun and full of peculiar events and traditions. Very peculiar. We actually did somethings that our contemporaries in other parts of the world could probably identify with and somethings they'd never understand. Even I wonder sometimes. As a child-turned-adult, here are 34 peculiar questions I still wonder about. Try answering each question. Let me know how many reasons you could come up with. I couldn't find an answer for #7 and #11 though. Lol! 

34 Questions Every Nigerian Ex-Primary School Student Should Ask

1. Why did we wrap our exercise books with sheets of calendars? 

2. Why did school-bought food have so much dodo? And beans! Blink.

3. Who loved the smell of those moderately translucent neon colored erasers? Who chewed them (side eye)?

4. Who chewed chalk (covering face)?

5. Who in the world stayed back in those gross toilets to write "Segun loves Dolapo"? Eww

6. Why did everyone smell of old house on cultural dance day? 

7. Why did my primary 2 seat partner try to erase with an eraser and saliva and end up tearing his notebook four pages deep? 

8. Why was SOP so important?

9. Why did someone steal my pink recorder? 

10. Why couldn’t anyone decide on whether to call it a recorder or a flute?

11. Why did my seat partner spit into his recorder so that the spit drooled down the flute opening? 

12. Why did he and his friends find it amusing?

13. Why did we make sweater babies? Lay sweater flat. Fold both arms across the chest. Roll from the neck, tuck formed tube into the open hem. Where did this knowledge come from?

14. Who taught me to make paper planes, boats, jets, fans?


15. Why was transitioning from pencils to pens such a big deal? 

16. Buttermint. Tom Tom. Malta sweet. Dandy. Robot. Eclairs. Goody Goody. Sweet alagbon. Biscuit alata. Marie. Shortcake. Round okin. Eleganza. Bic. Yellow pencil. Yellow wooden ruler. Onward. 2A notebook. 2B pencil. Why do I miss these?

17. Why did the school bell bring me joy?! Were we psychologically conditioned by school bells?

18. Why was using the word "Love" such a big deal? 

19. Why was forgetting my locker keys at home such a disaster? 

Why did I sit on see-saws with strangers and have fun doing it?

20. Why did our writing notes have multi colored lines?

21. Why did one teacher teach all the subjects? 

22. Did we really have to swing our arms to marching songs? 

23. Why did I always play the Angel during Christmas plays? Ok, not always.

24. Those rulers with pictures that changed with direction to light! Why did that excite me so?

25. Round pencil sharpeners with mirrors on the back. Who was the genius inventor of this?

26. Name, Animal, Place, Thing. Why was alphabet "X" saved for last?

27. Why were some play songs banned from the playground?

28. Was primary school the time I got all these bruises on my legs?

29. Why was home time so beautiful?

30. Why did mum bring me a snack when she picked me from school?

31. Why was school excursion day so cool?

32. Why was being a brownie even cooler?

33. Stand up. Close your eyes. Raise up your hands. Why did I listen when my seat mate told me to put my raised hands down. The teacher had stepped out, he said.

34. Where is my seat mate these days? 

What was your favorite primary school memory? Which one of your answers to the questions amused you the most? 

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