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Love Bite: Entry #7

Love Bite: Entry #7

Love Bite Entry #7

It was 10.50pm. The sound of Leke’s snore filled our room, drowning the creaking of the ceiling fan. I stared up at the swishing blades as they spun on their round axis until all I could see was a white blur in the dark. Leke had fallen asleep after the pastors left. Dinner had been a slow ritual graced by the clinking of cutlery on plates, light chatter, and an uneasy Leke, who chuckled nervously at all their jokes— even the ones that were drier than harmattan-crisp leaves. All night, he waited for the important discussion, but it never came.

I did that—I destroyed his career.

Surely, now I had to tell him. Not now. I'd tell him in the morning. I felt a strange peace. Maybe Jare would do the same—tell his wife. He'd put us out of this misery.  When I saw him earlier, I swore I felt his arms around me, as he wrapped those arms around her. That woman. They were the problem—Leke and Jare’s wife. If they could be erased from the picture somehow...

My phone lit up.

💬 Abby: What’s going on? How you dey?

💬 Me: Everything has gone south

💬 Abby: Foluke Condoyle tried tracing the video source. It’s some weird anonymous app.

💬Abby: Called Anonytap or something. Have you figured what to do out?

“It's all a mess but I may have a plan...” I typed. My eyes grew tired as I stared at my blinking cursor.

It was worse than a mess.  Was there something I could do to make this all go away? Did I have to tell Leke? Did anyone have to know? A cold chill swept over me as a lone thought filtered into my mind. Was it possible? Could I tell Abby? I could try first, and tell her later...

My breathing became shallow and my throat crawled. In the light of my phone, I could see Leke’s form move a little and settle back into sleep. He didn’t have to know. He didn’t have to find out. The darkness crept in so quietly. The hairs on my neck stood on end. I turned to look at his heaving back. He doesn’t have to know…

I placed my phone on the sheets until the lights went out. The darkness gave me confidence. My breath was ragged. My fingers wrapped around the edge of my pillow. No one would hear the muffled noise. If I jabbed him in the throat before using the pillow he wouldn’t be able to fight. He’d never find out. He’d never see the videos. He’d never have to see my cheating face again. His heart would never break. My knuckles strained against my skin, the pillow still in my grasp. It would all go away…

The voice was gentle.

What are you doing?

It came from within.

My grip on the pillow slackened, and I let out my held breath. Shame soon replaced the confidence.

I thought about killing my husband. Leke. My Leke.

The tears flowed, tickling my cheeks. I sniffled quietly. Leke snorted and mumbled something in his sleep, then began to snore again. My heart was racing. 

Who was I? Who was I becoming?

I picked my phone, read my unsent message to Abby and tapped on the backspace tab until my screen was blank. 

It was more than a mess.

A message appeared.

💬 J.R.K: Hey

The preview disappeared and my cursor blinked in the chat box. I suddenly felt hot. Now every sound echoed louder; the blades cutting the air above me, Leke’s snore, the rustle of the bedsheet was deafening.

 💬 Me: I need to fix this tonight. 

I hit send to Abby and laid my phone down.

After a few minutes, a message came in.

💬 J.R.K: I'm outside. We need to talk.

I typed a quick message to Abby.

💬 Me: Jare is outside

💬Abby: No way! What does he want?

💬Me:  BRB

I lifted my feet off the bed planted them on the rug. Just then, the snoring stopped. The sheets rustled behind me. I froze. After a heartbeat, the snoring began again. I crept into the living area and out of the house. Ernest opened the gate, he gave a little bow.

Jare’s black Lexus purred quietly in the glow of the orange lights on Garrison street. I was a little scared. What would I do? What was I capable of? Would I try to kill Jare too? And then his wife? Maybe his children too? I gulped my guilt down.

I stepped into the passenger's seat, the smell of his linen air freshener hit me along with the chill of air conditioning. The streetlights cast dark shadows on him.

“I have been trying to reach you!” 

“There’s no need to be upset—”

“No! No! Don't tell me not to be upset.”I was hysterical.

“I should be the one upset. Why did you come into my home? Talk to my wife? What are you trying to achieve?” His tone was even as he tapped his finger on the leather-clad wheel.

“I was there because Ngozi asked me to be—”He turned to me at once.

“Don't speak her name.”

“Oh, shut it!”I  shook my head until my wig tilted right.

“Someone has been sending me videos of us!” I said.

I dropped my phone in his lap. He watched for a few minutes and seemed to get lost in the video. 

“Who is it?”

“I don't know", I snatched my phone,  "I'm telling Ngozi tomorrow and Leke.” I didn’t recognize my own voice. It was quiet and steely with resolve.

“You can't", He said cooly, "Ngozi is out on an early flight tomorrow. She won't be back for a month." He continued with a shrug. "I freaked out when I saw you. I thought you were going to tell her. I can't ruin my marriage. If you'd like to ruin yours, you are more than welcome to.” He continued,”She’s gone tomorrow... And then we can be together for as long as we want.” His finger trailed along my neck. My skin crawled and I felt my dinner travel up and back into my stomach.

The smack echoed in the car and his hand recoiled.

“You truly are scum.” I shook my head, "To think I risked my marriage for this?”

He shrugged.

“It’s difficult for you. Isn't it? Getting over me? You still feel my tongue on you. Don't you? The pastor can't do it like I can. Huh?” He snickered.

My fists clenched. Maybe I should have brought my pillow. No one would miss this moron if he suffocated in his car mysteriously.

He was still talking, “You aren’t the only one…there's Pauline down the road too. And Nike in house 32..." He chuckled, "That may help you sleep better.”

How did I not see this side of him before? I took one look at him and slipped out of the seat.

“You’ll be back!” The door slammed just as our front gate opened. Out stepped Leke. He was dressed in his pajama shorts and a white crew neck t-shirt. His bare feet rooted to the ground.

He looked from the car to me, and back again. Ernest stood in the shadows.

I heard Jare’s window wind down, his snicker loud and derisive,  “Is that the Pastor-husband?”

I stood, frozen.

”Little wonder.”

“Hey, bro!”He called out to Leke,“No issues here. She’s my nightcap. That’s all. Nothing more. No issues.” He rolled up his window, snickering. A light, hot breeze washed over me as the car drove off down the street.

“Well done, sir.” Ernest spoke from the shadows,”Na madam new oga for work be dat…”

“Mister…kai…I don forget hin name...Na James abi Effiong...abi...”

Leke stared at me as Ernest rambled on.

I sighed.

No more lies. The voice said. 

“Leke...”I started.

“No more lies, Lani.” I said to myself, “Not one more.”

[Entry 8 out soon!  Goodbye-Writer's block]

Copyright ©2017 by IkeOluwapo Adegboye

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