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Dreaming in HD

Dreaming in HD

As children, we dreamt in high definition (HD). The sky was very blue, the clouds were very white and very tufty; the idea of being an astronaut was so accessible, outer space was just a ship away; no need to bother about the logistics. Words like 'President', 'Doctor', 'Lawyer', 'Engineer', 'Actor', 'Dancer', rolled off our tongues like butter whenever people asked about our future ambitions.

As we slept, our dreams came alive vividly- the delight, the adventure-as we ran and played in dreamland, the excitement burst into reality, even, as some of us would often run off our beds still in dream-mode and into the door! Identify yourselves! Lol. 

When I was much younger I wanted to be a Doctor, Farmer, Librarian and a pixie and not any of the four but all four! The pixie who went to med school, who loved books and planted onions and mangoes. Lol!


There's a quality of wonder in children that we lose as adults, because the big bad world has been thoroughly unfair to us and also because we had to "grow up" and "face reality". 

Many people associate being child-like with being deluded, unrealistic or retrogressive, but this scientific study shows that behaving and thinking like a child actually gets your innovation and creative juices flowing. Why? I guess because kids don't think mainstream like adults do. Studies actually show that they spend two-thirds of their day dissociated from reality.

And, why would I want to be dissociated from reality, Ike? 

Good question.

Because we actually secretly (and apparently) crave dissociation from reality!  It's the reason we spend hours on social media, the reason we pay to see Game of Thrones, to see Empire, to watch like 5 versions of Superman or Batman! (If they make another, I'm going to scream!) Escapes from reality are what concepts like TV shows and social media are based on. For that hour, I'm no longer 'Ike with the endless to-do list, instead, I'm a proud reality-escapee. Escapes from reality are valuable to us and apparently kids are pros at it. Kids think creatively and innovatively because their minds are wide open and their imagination is off-the-cliff.

Don't despair, I don't believe our wide-eyed child-wonder is gone forever as adults, I think it's just buried beneath a lot of adult emotions and rational soot.

Dust off your adult soot and don't let it shade your high-def dreams and don't ever stop dreaming! Do something that unleashes your inner child and let your creative juices run free!

I think I'm going to see "The Secret Life of Pets"! 

I watched the magic school bus recently and my adult brain said, "It can't be healthy that these people shrink at will and get enlarged again." Then I thought, "If my kid was in that school, we sure would be looking for another school soon." Lol! That's the adult brain for you, right there.

What did you want to be when you were a child? Have you ever tried having a rational conversation with a child? How far did you get with that? Lol! Have you written your dreams out on paper yet? Hope it's all HD!

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