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10 Interesting People You'd Run into at Work!

10 Interesting People You'd Run into at Work!

Right, so, Monday just snuck up on us like that! Typical.

Anyway, you know how your office is full of a rich assortment of individuals brought together to enhance the organizational goals and objectives of the company? Thanks a lot, Human Resources.

Here are ten interesting people you might run into at work and here's how to make the best of having them around you, instead of avoiding them in the hallway and break room and also in the elevator and the rest room. Can you recognize anyone at work here? Which one of them are you? 

1. The Gist Fountain (GF)

This is usually the ‘central node’, the person who knows the gist of everyone and everyone's grandma. GF is a great person to have on your team and maybe even as a friend. She is a great source of information, both relevant and irrelevant; its your task to sift through the data. GF is also great and quick at passing along your information, so, of course, you'd have to be careful about what you tell her. If you choose to be friends with GF, she will come looking for you during the course of the day, for your daily gist, try not to pass any information she has given you and you could also devise an escape technique when she starts with the irrelevant data or zone out and think of bunnies.

2. The Angry Bird

The Angry Bird is usually upset about something; always thinks everything can be done better but never provides any useful, actionable steps of improvement. Every time I meet an Angry Bird, I try to get him to tone down the complaints and instead, focus on solutions. Hmmm, how reasonable, Ike. Well, I'd like to say that they never listen. I'm yet to fully convince an Angry Bird to provide constructive criticism with action points. Lol. They usually just like to vent, if you are willing to listen, then hear them out, otherwise, get them to call a meeting consisting of stakeholders that may influence their concerns...or...when they vent, zone out and think of those bunnies.

3. The Over-Achiever

Work is important to some people...a little more than it is to you(lol). Of course, you're very resourceful and hardworking, but come on, 8 to 5 was what you signed up for. The Over-Achiever(OA) is more of a 7 to 10 kinda-worker. Sometimes, they expect you to do the same. If OA is your boss, hehe, I guess he is for a reason. You will have to put in more effort than you normally would. Two words: Appraisal. Bonus.

It might also be great to have a conversation about the hours that work the best for you, not everyone can give a 100% with long hours. Understand your work habits and ethics and ensure productivity that justify your suggested hours!

4. The Under-Achiever(UA)

This is that person who seems to be done with exceeding expectations, maybe because they weren’t recognized when they worked really hard or are really just done with this whole be-the-best-you-can-be biz. Be a friend to UA, don’t force any unsolicited inspiration on them. If they get inspired by your excellent work, great! If not, relate with them, treat them well and keep your grind on full-steam ahead!

5. The White Rabbit**

We all know this one, that person who is always in a hurry and busy…but in truth isn’t busy and probably just tries to look busy because everyone else genuinely is.   All motion, no movement. Lol. From my experience, the White Rabbit may come up with great ideas but isn't much of an executioner. I suppose picking their brains may be great but don't expect much from them with implementation!

6. The Girl/Guy Next Door (or Next Cubicle)

I’m still in touch with  several Girls Next Cubicle(GNC) from my very first job! GNC is nice, easy to get along with , usually has zero airs, which works perfectly. It’s a great idea to build a good relationship with this person and maintain it, even after you leave the organization!

7. The Diva

The most popular person at work who everyone runs around to please. For some reason, Divas and I get along, not like best friends, but as in a mutual kind-regards kinda way. First, it’s important to know you aren’t at work to be "the cool-kids". Honestly, it’s just too late for that and prom was like 15 years ago (15! Gosh! ) You are at work to contribute to the organizational goals, improve your career prospects on the long run and make friends (maybe); so if this person fails to contribute to any of the three, maybe the distant mutual kind-regards thing is really all there will ever be.

8. The Boss' Boss

 What to do with the Boss’ Boss? Being visible in the organization is probably something we all strive for. Well, a great way to make an impression on Executives and your Boss’ Boss is not to fall asleep during board meetings. Lol! Be active, be productive and let your work have tangible, measurable results. Take on a project that directly puts you in contact with them and then kill it! Also establish a good relationship with your boss. He/she may just put in a good word for you if the need arises!  

9. The Confused Intern

Every time I hear intern, I think of copier machines, it’s cliché but it’s where interns find themselves. I think I had a name for the copier machine at my first internship. It was closer than a brother. Interns always need guidance. If you are in the position to mentor (and we all are) please take an intern under your huge, glam wing and mentor away!

10. The Chauffeurs/Cooks/Cleaners (CCC)

No one pays these guys any mind but to be honest, I’ve made a few cafeteria lady and cleaner friends. These people are constantly present on the premises and in all the relaxed places- the corridor, where people chat idly; at the cafeteria, where people talk about their kids and what they did over the weekend; in the car, where people chat loosely on the phone.

CCC might actually have more gist than Gist Fountain! Of course, I’m not saying be friends with them for what you can get. Talk to them, they aren’t any less important than the Boss’ Boss, if you ask me. Life is about connecting and impacting and you really never know who you might be of use to or might be willing to assist you and give you a hint about your promotion (which he heard about while cleaning the toilet!)

I hope this helped! Did you recognize anyone at work? Which one of them are you?!

**White Rabbit- Alice in Wonderland reference.

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