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How to Get her to be On time for your Date

How to Get her to be On time for your Date

It's the weekend. Duh-dum! Date night! Well, maybe, if she's ready by the time you get in.

Bet you triple-clicked on the link because you are tired of seeing your girlfriend or wife wobbling around in her heels, looking for her lipstick and keys and perfume, while you fume with your back against the door post, with that “You can’t be serious” look and the “We are going to be late…again” grunt.

Ok, first, here are some things you should know as a man about how we get ready; a LOT goes into our preparation for outings. A lot! I, personally take a few moments to get ready and by “few”, I mean “not few”. 

It takes us sometime to get our things together and the time we take varies in direct proportion to the amount of make-up we use.

 Formula 1:

Time ∝ Amount of Make up used

 If you got attracted to a 10-over-10 face-contoured, brow-perfect, tummy-trained queen, then that's exactly what you signed up for! It’s a great idea to factor that in, whenever you go on dates with her, instead of fuming by the doorpost. You do want her to remain the girl you fell in love with right? A-ha, see!

The time we take also depends on if we know what we plan to wear already. 

Formula 2:  

Time  ∝ What-to-wear conundrum

One great way to urge her to be on time would be to get her to see value in early preparations. I learnt to see the value in being ready on time the hard way; I'd be in a hurry or stressed out and I'd forget to wear lipstick on lined lips! One day, I went out with one penciled-in eye brow! Lol! That's a secret, don't utter that anywhere.

 No one had to spell "value early preparations" out for me with my astonishing brows. Your girlfriend probably doesn't forget her brows, but anyway, the point is, the more time she has to get ready, the better. I've consciously started planning my prep-time, so that I have enough time to try on at least two outfits, draw my brows, paint my nails even, and it's such a relief!

Below are the 5 Golden rules that may help to get her ready, so you don't get into the cinema 45 minutes into the movie:

Golden rule 1: Use wiser sentence structures

Don’t tell her the time of the movie (or appointment) but tell her the time you need to leave. Instead of “We have reservations for 8pm”, try, “We have to leave at 6.45pm to be on time."

Golden rule 2: Ditch the grunt and scowl

Don’t nag her and utter the words,"You are wasting my time." It's not progressive or helpful in anyway.

Golden rule 3: Motivate her

If she is not an early bird and you have an early appointment, getting her coffee or tea or breakfast in bed might really help (grin). If you are picking her up for a date, you should call her about your location, time and status updates. Communication is completely necessary. 

Golden rule 4: Inspire by example

A relationship is an improvement platform, where both partners encourage each other to be better people and essentially rub off on each other, but only rub on the good stuff. Don't start eating toe-clippings just because your girlfriend does it.

Anyway, if she has previously suggested that you improve some aspects of your life this might be a great time to improve! You could trade too! You could say, "Why don't we work on these areas of ourselves: I'll improve in this area, while you improve your time management?" 

Note: This is not a conditional agreement. It's not a "I'll-change-if-you-change" type of agreement, it's more of a collaborative effort to make each other better.

Golden rule 5: Send her this post!

Hey, what are your thoughts? I'd love to know! Do you ever get stressed because you are in a hurry? Ever forgotten to wear your other false lash in the frenzy? Men, which is your favorite rule? Girls post up soon!

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