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7 Quirky Phobias and the People who benefit from them.

7 Quirky Phobias and the People who benefit from them.

I'm on a magnified feel-good-optimistic streak this month; so much that in this post we are going to talk about the benefits of phobias! Well, we are going to talk about phobias - and the people that would benefit when other people have those phobias. One man's 'bo!' is another man's boo.

One thing is certain, having a phobia doesn't benefit the person who has it, in any way, (well except phobia #1).

Below are 7 whimsically interesting phobias, which of them would you benefit from? 


1. Mageirocophobia

The fear of cooking.

Who this benefits: Me.

 "Babe, I have Mageirocophobia. *innocent stare* Lets eat out, forever!" That's what I'd say. However, we all know that's not the best idea. Cooking your own meals helps you monitor the quality and quantity of ingredients used!


2. Pogonophobia

The fear of Beards.

Who this benefits: My mum.

She doesn't get the beard-gang trend at all! I keep telling her, "Mum, Jesus had a beard!" Lol!


3. Chaetophobia

The fear of loose or detached hair (or bundles of Brazilian hair).

Who this benefits: Boo.

Having chaetophobia means no extra expense on over-priced extensions. I think I've had a mild case of Chaetiphobia before. I bought this Grade A Peruvian bundle once and honestly, it felt like it was alive! It was that authentic.


4. Ablutophobia

The fear of bathing

Who benefits: No one. No one at all.

No comment. Actually, comment: There's no substitute for a bath. I just checked, not even air baths. 


5. Eurotophobia

The fear of female genitalia

Who benefits: Your parents (if you are a guy)

They'd love for you to be europhobic until you are like 27 and you have a job and can actually afford to have a baby.


6. Anuptaphobia

The fear of being single

Who benefits: The Yoruba demons and Arch-demons.

Being frightened of living for months unhitched only causes you to run into the arms of the bad boys and if you are a guy, into the arms of a girl-demon. Choose not to live in fear. Nothing inspired by fear can end well.


7. Chronophobia

The fear of time passing

Who this benefits: Your doctor's mortgage payments.

Whenever I have a badly planned day, I admit I end up with a mild case of chronophobia. Actually, if you ever say "24 hours is not enough!" You might be well on your way to this phobia. Try planning your day the night before and tick off your to-do items as you go! That way, you don't have panic attacks and sporadic palpations that require you to see you Doctor often. 

Do you have Pentheraphobia (fear of your mother in law)? Read here to figure out how to deal!


Do you have any phobias? Who would they benefit?

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