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What To Do With All That Cray-Cray!

What To Do With All That Cray-Cray!


Sometimes God tells us a little something about our future, about his plans for us, about the tasks he needs us to accomplish. I have learnt not try to explain these things to anyone. It will make zero sense to them. If you've ever tried, you'll find yourself trying to convince these people't...a...little...mad. 

You know how God's plans are a little shocking? Well, let me be the first to say he has shocking plans for you, just like he had for all the cool patriarchs. They all sounded and looked a little crazy because they chose to follow God's instructions. They also didn't bother to explain anything to anyone.

For example, if Noah tried to explain what God told him to his neighbors, it'll sound a little like this: 

"Duh. Look at the clouds. *pointing at a clear, cloudless, blue sky*"It's going to rain cats, dogs and their mothers, baby. Hehe" *continues hammering the 450 feet boat in a desert* 

*side eye* 

If Jesus was going to explain what he came to do:

"I will be killed, well, not really, as in, not killed...killed like forever. Maybe for like a few days,  I won't be dead for too long, tops, the weekend and then we can get around to the fish barbecue party Peter suggested the other day. Who's bringing the coal?"

*two side eyes*

If Abraham had to explain the Isaac-fiasco, it'll sound like this:

"Eliezer, look, I'm going to kill my kid. Sharpen the knife. No, not that one. The one with the brown hilt, firmer grip. Shh, Eliezer. Don't panic. It will all work out. See you later and make the goat stew I like, with some spicy herbs on the side, the ones with the tangy taste. Ciao!"

*wide eye- side eye*

If Moses had to explain:

"Things could get ugly, I know, but look, I'm walking...just me...into the world's most powerful presidential villa and I will demand the release of their slaves and then *whistles*, we are out of there! Yes, I know I stutter *rolls his eyes* Of course, I won't be arrested, you worry too much. Yes, I know they throw prisoners to the crocodiles!"


Stop trying to explain your life to people. Stop. They will NOT understand. Heck, even you don't understand God's perfect plan for your life. All you know is that his plans are good, not evil, filled with purpose and have been set even before the earth existed.

You'd notice that walking with God involves a lot of raised-brow-side-eye situations. Everyone will think you are super-cray but you are in good company *clinking glasses with Mary, Noah, Joseph, Abraham, Isaiah, J-bae*! So what to do with all that cray, keep it to yourself.

Hey, what are your thoughts? Do you get frustrated when people don't understand your word from God? Do they give you side-eyes? Or are you a keep-it-to-myself kinda person?

Please remember to share!  

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