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Fiction-faith in the red-haired woman

Fiction-faith in the red-haired woman


Warning: If you haven't watched any season of Game of Thrones and you hope to, note that the contents of this post may contain notable spoilers. Proceed to the last paragraph.

I'm a GOT fan. I make sure I harass my friends on social media with not-so-subtle declarations of this often enough, until their thumbs hover dangerously over the "unfriend" button but still they put up with me. Love you guys! Haha!

For anyone who is not following GOT closely and doesn’t care about spoilers. Here are some quick facts needed to understand this post:

1) Jon Snow is a brave, noble man who we all love; yes, even the male viewers love him

2) Jon Snow got stabbed in the back(metaphorically) and also in the chest (literarily) with the swords of several of his men (He was the Lord Commander of the Night's watch, a group of trained fighters who guard the realm from a mean, zombie army)

3) Jon Snow was pronounced dead last season. Very dead.

4) We love Jon Snow

5) The creators will lose all their watchers if Jon remains dead (or gets cremated)

6) I mean ALL. We forgave them for killing many, many cool characters off (Khal Drogo, Ned Stark, Daddy Lannister, the White walkers' General, Rob Stark, Mum Stark, Direwolf Grey Wind Stark) but not Jon

Now, on the show, is a red-haired sorceress called Melisandre, who led Stanis Baratheon (a prince who staged a coup) in winning many wars and kept feeding him with hope and promises based on visions she claimed to receive from some mystical being she believed in.

I have believed that this fictional character, Melisandre, was able to raise our beloved Jon Snow for over a year, since the last season. Over 365 days. The belief has sat for so long that it has coagulated into something very, very potent. In fact, whenever people came around and wailed,"Boohoo, Jon is dead." I responded rapidly and assertively,"Melisandre WILL raise him." The only reason I believed she wouldn't raise him was if she chose not to.

Here's the catch, I've never actually seen Melisandre raise a person up from the dead but I still believe she can. She has done some pretty neat tricks with her powers. You don’t even want to know. Lol. 

You see that I take my fiction a little too serious. This was why I always thought I was a member of the X-men and the 4th member of the Power puff girls.

In reality though,  I have a few Jon Snow situations in my life, maybe not so dire but still in need of a miracle. There's only one person that can help me and i know. God. Even though i've never actually seen him do these particular things, i'm certain, without an iota of doubt that he can. I've seen him do very, very neat tricks incessantly in my life and in the lives of others. Already, creating a universe so diverse and yet so wholesome is a pretty neat trick! He is a creative problem solver and let's just say we all have a few problems scattered here and there. God is eager to help us through the diciest situations, he just needs our belief in his ability to sit until it coagulates into something dangerously potent!

When people ask about our "Jon Snows", we must reply assertively, "God has some neat tricks up his gold-hemmed sleeves! I'm very confident he will do it."

How often do you remind yourself that God has your back? Are you a GOT fan? Did you watch the last episode? Who is your favorite character? 

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