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6 Ways to Get the Best out of your Shopping Experience

6 Ways to Get the Best out of your Shopping Experience


Have you ever gone shopping all day, stumbled home with more than 5 shopping bags but still felt like you bought nothing? You, even kind of, went over your budget and you still have nothing to wear when you look into your closet? Ok, not kinda-you literarily killed your account balance and still, your wardrobe doesn't feel like you just spent your rainy day fund.

The indicator of a wholesome, rewarding shopping experience is that moment when you set your bags down, change into something more comfortable and can't help giggling (moderately) insanely at the contents of your shopping bags. If you aren't giggling insanely, take it back, subito*!

Here are 6 guidelines that could help you make the most of your shopping experience. Hope it helps!

#1 Don't buy anything you aren't mad about.

Like I said in this post, never buy anything or date anyone that/who doesn't get you thinking about them at 2am. Some of your essentials can go without being crazy about them but ensure that most of your wardrobe pieces are items that you absolutely love. Sometimes, it's better to buy 2 items you are absolutely mad about than buy 15 items that make your shopping experience bland.

#2 Don't stalk-buy

You walk right by a dress and then someone else picks it up, suddenly you want it! You begin to stalk her around the store, hoping she will drop it. I'm yet to understand that phenomenon. Consider buying only things that catch your eye. In fact, the first thing that catches your eye might be our gem. If it didn't catch your eye the first time, you'll probably be sick of it in a week.

#3 Beware of the Clearance

Never buy something because it costs 20 cents. Don't mistake that for "never buy anything that IS 20 cents", by all means do, if the item is valuable to you. However, buying an item just because it costs close to nothing might not get you the most value for your money. I really get irritated when I buy, maybe a pair of earrings, which has like 4 reduction stickers plus another bright orange final clearance sticker which screams 80% off reduced price and then I get home, i take it off the place-board and realize how thoroughly unsightly these earrings are! Buy items that you love and can't stop thinking about.

#4 Know your seasons

What's trending this season? Off-shoulder tops, denim on denim, metallic bottoms, block heels, past-the-knee coats etc It helps to know what's trending and what's "gone". That said, do not tailor your shopping to trends strictly. When you shop, pick out pieces that will forever be graceful and stylish.

#5 Beauty doesn't need a second opinion?

When you see an outfit you love, you will know. It's almost like it comes alive and demands that you take it home. As Deji Eniola said, "Beauty doesn't need a second opinion."You just know!

If in doubt though, don't hesitate to send photos of your items to a friend whose fashion sense you trust!

#6 Take a shopping break

I used to be a vicious shopper; eyes on the prize, no small talk with the cashier, no toilet breaks, no polite smiles at fellow-shoppers, no lunch breaks . This was partly because people my size seemed to attack shopping with the same attitude. I, very often, never found my size which led me to believe that they took this shopping thing, way too seriously. After like 5 hours of shopping, your game face begins to droop, due to fatigue and hunger. It's best to break up your shopping experience into bits of two hours. Eat, recharge, attack! Shopping is war!

P.s: Imagine all the steps you could get on your fit-bit in 5 hours!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on your shopping experiences? Do you stalk-buy? Ever hidden an outfit in the store because you had intentions of returning to the scene of the crime? Lol!

subito*: "immediately" in Italian

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