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6 Ways to Get out of a Creative Rut

6 Ways to Get out of a Creative Rut

I wish creativity came in a box and all you had to do was add water and stir but it doesn't--not yet anyway. While we all hold our breaths and wait for Nestlé to come up with this fab beverage, we need to find ways to manage our creative lags/ruts.

This is a list of 6 things that I hope will be beneficial to you whenever you feel a little lethargic with your creative work. Here goes:

1. Rest

Your mind is a living, breathing thing that likes to laze around on sunny beaches and sip piña coladas, contrary to general perception. It deserves to relax, considering the fact that it gives you more than a hundred percent of performance everyday. Take time out to relax-an hour, a day, a week. Even God is an advocate for rest days. #NotEverytimeCreateBotanicalGarden

2. Change your routine

Same chair, same wall, same noises, same voices in your head. Sometimes it helps to shuffle things around in your living and creative space to create more creative urges and stimulants. Rearrange your desk or work area. Something as little as a newly hung piece of wall art or changing the position of your desk could kick start that creative process.

3. Do something else

PGI girl, Laju says whenever she is stuck in a creative process, she leaves it alone and does something else. If you are running around in circles, consider stopping what you are doing and going for a walk or playing a game or going hang-gliding. Shrug.

4. Open yourself up (not to everything, of course)

According to Alice Laplante, you need to keep your mind open to be able to create new things. If your mind is shut up, your creativity will be relatively stunted and who wants that? Of course, not all things are beneficial (think drugs), so have all your necessary guards up to the things that would be harmful to your well-being and spirit but also learn to appreciate new things and experiences. 

5. Eat properly

Food helps creativity. However, a lot of creative people seem to "forget" to eat. Artists like MichaelAngelo and Van Gogh were also meal skippers because they were fixated on their tasks and meeting deadlines, I can't say I blame them. For the impressionists of the 1800s, absinthe and tobacco were their creative foods for some reason--those are not on the top 15 creativity-enhancing food list by the way. A good, consistent diet helps to enhance creativity as well as maintain good physical health.

6. Toss your work to God

It's a good idea to pray about your work. Commit your works unto the Lord and it will be established (Proverbs 16vs3). I love it when the bible gets explicit. Wink.

If you know anyone struggling with their creativity, this could help! Please share!

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