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9 Things you didn’t know about Women (#7 Though)

9 Things you didn’t know about Women (#7 Though)

Just when you thought women couldn't get any more complicated, here are 8 things (plus one) you probably didn't know about them. Enjoy and identify below!

#1 We are happier when we gain weight

This study shows that women reported an increase in mental quality of life when they gained weight; another case of our biological setup working against us. Lol! Fun.

#2 We are gold diggers and proud. Whatever!

Women like men with the prospects of resources, can you really blame us, no? Blame it one our biological setup (again), it's how we are wired. Women seek men who are able to provide for them and their offspring. It's only logical that we'd be gold-diggers, only a little bit, yes, even if we make our own money.

#3 We love us a man who wears red

Not like a ridiculous all-red outfit, but just one piece of apparel that's red. In a study where female subjects were shown photos of the same man wearing a blue, grey or red shirt, most women reported that the guy looked most attractive and sexually appealing in the red shirt. Red is associated with power, dominance and status. There we go again G-digging. 

#4 We like a little "girl-envy"

Apparently we shop to show off to other females and not to men. This I couldn't believe, it makes sense though, a girl would go, "wow, you have the new mulberry!", a guy really might not notice lol. Women are more likely to give a specific, educated compliment, so i guess it foloows that we would want to dress for such "educated" compliments. I like dressing for me though! I compliment myself already!

#5 We mark our territories too

It has been discovered that women are able to draw borderlines around their partners and spouses when they carry expensive labeled handbags. A study shows that when women see another female with a pricey handbag on one arm and a man on the other, she crosses the man off her potential sugar-bae list.

#6 We think men who do chores are hot

Don't ask. While it sounds like a fine case of reverse psychology, it's true and we can't argue with stuff science proves. So men, hehe!

#7 We attracted to men who look like dad

Studies show women who have good relationships with their fathers, tend to fall for a pop-look-alike. Lol! I don't want to talk about it anymore. Lol

#8 We act like we don't need mentors

A study shows women are more hesitant than men about asking to be mentored. This could be for several reasons, maybe the misconception that other women don't like to help subordinates get up the work ladder. It's not entirely a misconception, I've experienced that first hand. There are women who have a problem with helping others out of insecurity and other personal reasons, but there are some who don't mind. It's important to find a good mentor. We need to be more proactive with reaching out to women in higher positions, it's been proven that mentored professionals have a higher chance of success.

#9 Working mothers are more productive than their peers who have no children! Who knew?!

According to this article, working mamas have been seen to be more productive at the work place. This might be because they are better organized or they feel the need to catch up to a greater degree, so they don't fall behind. Whatever it is, they do it well! Way to Go, Mums!

I think i might be 8, 7, 6, 3, 1 and ta-dah...2! Love you, Ed! 
Can you identify with any of these? Are you actually happier when you gain weight? Do you have a mentor? Does he look like dad?

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