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Stuff to Say to your Reflection

Stuff to Say to your Reflection

Hi Everyone, I hope you had a great weekend!

Starting the week with the not-so-glam Monday, as always.

This is a fun, practical post which involves mirrors and simple soliloquies! Too much fun for a Monday morning, I know. 

It also involves learning a new good habit that might help get through Mondays...... and the week and maybe even life! 

The New Habit: Talking to yourself, out loud  

Studies show that talking to yourself is awesome! People who talk to themselves tend to be more productive, get things done faster, are able to motivate themselves right into achievements and might even be smarter.

Finally! What took science so long to vindicate us? I have been talking to myself for as long as i can remember, i survived the 'anyone who talks to himself/herself is crazy' era. Now, we can all safely come out of the closet and sing Hot Chocolate's 'Sexy Thing' to ourselves in the mirror.

People who talk to themselves always stop us in our tracks and evoke strange looks on our faces. I'm not sure why, it's really only strange because a bunch of people said it was. It's also believed to be a stereotypical habit of mad people scientists. Mad scientists, usually ARE geniuses anyway, so no harm.

Studies also show that the best way to talk to yourself is in second person as in, 'Ike, pick the orange as your snack, not that caramel-y thing.' Instead of thinking it, saying it stimulates a more favorable, positive most cases. In other cases, the caramel-y thing just finds its way down our throats. 

Being vocal about your goals and plans, as well as saying them repetitively to yourself (a habit, christians refer to as confessions) actually motivates your mind and brain into accomplishing them. 

Therefore, speaking to yourself, in second person, about your goals is a pretty handy lifestyle tip. Politicians, athletes, artists and a great bunch of achievers do it, so why let them and we, the pioneers of the habit have all the fun? 

The Fun, Practical part: Get a mirror or go to the office restroom. Look at your fine self and say these words:

"*insert name*, You are remarkably brave and full of potential. You are talented and smart. You are not easily frightened. You care. You don't ignore the homeless and poor. You are creative and successful! Your thoughts are beautiful not ugly. You assume the best and not the worst. You are discerning. You work hard. You enjoy working hard and working out-- Ok, not really, but you will........eventually, this year (take deep purposeful breath). You drink loads of water. You eat healthy and live healthy. You make better choices. You do not spend money that you don't have. You invest wisely and save adequately. You are faithful and principled. You are successful and generous! You believe in miracles, where you from? You sexy thing. 🎶

Drumroll on the sink or wall. Then slowly back out (or moonwalk) and give yourself a little wink!

Gosh I need some chill!


p.s Insulting or berating yourself and saying things like 'I'm so stupid', 'I'll never amount to much', is a bad idea and can not be found in the lyrics of Hot Chocolate's 'Sexy thing'.

Any takers on this habit? Do you talk to yourself?  How's Monday treating you?! What's your Monday morning theme song? Remember to share! 

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