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Mum, On the Matter of Kissing a Beardy Dude


This is a real conversation between my mum and I. It was all in Yoruba which made it sound so much better but it's been translated into English.

Mum: Ed's beard na wa o

Me: I like Ed’s beard

Mum: How do you kiss then?

Me: errrrrr

Mum: Kissing a man with a beard is complicated

Me: errrrrr-errr Not really, mum

Mum: What if the hair gets in your mouth?

Me: *Laughing out loud* It usually doesn’t

Mum: What if there's stew on it?

Me: Ewww

Mum: It's true. So, the hair doesn't get into your mouth? 

Me: Nope, not at all

Mum: I remember one time your dad wanted to keep a beard. It didn't work out o.  

Me: The hair doesn't have to get in though. We just work around it.

By now mum realizes I have superior kissing skills, then avoids the thought and proceeds to talk about something else.

What are your thoughts on kissing a bearded guy? Are you more pro-clean shaven or pro-beard gang?



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